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10 Best Free Plugins for Music Production in 2021

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10 Best free plugins for music production in 2021

Plugins can be very expensive, especially if you’re a beginner who has just started producing and are being told by, for example, youtube tutorials that you need this and that to create that “hit”. This often comes down to marketing and the truth is, you don’t need all those expensive plugins to create a good-sounding track. There are plenty of free plugins available that help you achieve a similar result to some of the best premium ones. In this article, we’ll go through the 10 best free plugins for music production in 2021 that you can download for absolutely no cost.


10 Best Free Plugins for Music Production

1. U-he Tyrell (download here)
Being one of the most known companies for analog synths, U-he offers you to download this great-sounding synth plugin for free. This synth is very clean-sounding and has a unique analog warmth to it, especially in the lower regions of the frequency spectrum. Definitely one of the best free synth plugins in 2021.

2. Polyverse Wider (download here)
This plugin by Polyverse is built to add mono-compatible width to your sounds, of course, this depends on the sound you’re feeding this plugin with but it is still a great plugin to add width to your sounds with, much better than the Haas effect considering the phase-issues that comes with the Haas effect.

3. Xfer OTT (download here)
OTT by Xfer Records is one of the most used plugins among electronic music producers in the world today. OTT stands for over the top and is an aggressive upwards / downwards multiband compressor that really can do wonders to your sounds. This plugin is very much like FL Studio’s “Soundgoodizer” but with a few more


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4. Camel Crusher (download here)
This plugin by Camel Audio is a distortion, compression, and filter unit. It comes with some interesting presets already and is very good to spice things up and to add character.

5. Izotope Vinyl (download here) 
This plugin from iZotope basically emulates the sound of vinyl. Great plugin to use as background fx or spice your synths, vocals, or pads with some fascinating character.

6. TAL Chorus (download here)
Originated from the legendary Juno 106, this chorus from TAL is one of the reasons Juno 106 is being claimed as a legendary synth. It has a super clean sound and is very useful to get you closer to that analog character on your fx.

7. Valhalla Supermassive (download here)
Valhalla is known for all its reverbs and delays that are used by almost every producer out there. This plugin called supermassive is a reverb – and delay plugin that can create some extremely interesting character and spaces to your sounds, you can go very deep and dark as well as use it as a subtle effect as well.

8. Cable Guys Pancake 2 (download here)
This plugin by Cable Guys is a complex panning plugin that can do wonders for your tracks. Much better than most of the stock panning plugins in the DAW’s and it comes with some good presets as well.

9. Voxengo Span (download here)
This free plugin is a frequency analyzer that is one of the best to use especially when mixing to make sure that your speakers don’t fool you with, for example, what is going on in the low end that you might not hear on your speakers or headphones. Overall a great plugin to have as a pop-up window while producing.

10. D16 Frontier Limiter (download here)
This limiter is a great way to add tone and character to your sound while pushing the knobs inside this plugin, D16 has a unique algorithm and does exactly what it stands for, limiting. One of the best free limiter plugins in 2021.

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Image Credit: List of plugins currently used by Virtual Riot in 2020


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