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20 Interesting Revelations From ProVerb’s “The Book Of ProVerb”

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Rapper, entrepreneur ProVerb recently released a book titled “The Book Of ProVerb” which focuses on his life journey and highlights some of his low moments and his biggest triumphs. Below is a list of 20 Interesting Revelations From ProVerb’s “The Book Of ProVerb”

1.ProVerb is a co owner of Idol’s production company

2. The rapper currently owns 9 properties

3. He has a sea facing holiday home in KZN

4.ProVerb once rented an apartment from Unathi Nkayi

5.His father is a medical doctor who has a street named after him called Dr Thekisho Street

6.His parents separated when he was 2 years old

7. He was raised by his grandmother

8.His mother also has a street named after her called “E.K Banda Street”

9.His grandmother passed away during Covid lockdown in July 2020

10. He recorded his first demo on his mother’s HIFI stereo

11. He chose the name ProVerb to suggest he is a Pro at verbalising the truth

12. When DJ Cleo gave him the Pitch Black Afro CD, ProVerb was not feeling it.

13. ProVerb initially took offence to Prokid having ‘pro’ in his stage name

14.He once battled Prokid at the Rand Easter Show

15. Prokid and ProVerb launched their albums at the same event at Baseline

16. Lupe Fiasco once sent ProVerb a message on twitter inquiring about the SA Hip Hop Scene and how he could penetrate the local market

17.HHP initially wanted ProVerb to be part of Morafe

18.He served on Flight Centre’s board as a non executive director

19. ProVerb bought his masters of the Book of Proverb album which he ended up retaining because he couldn’t commercialise it due to sampling and licensing issues.

20.ProVerb is done making music as this is a chapter he deems done and dusted.

You can buy the book here

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