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“2018 It Was Already Tricky,” Reason On SA Hip Hop SA Hip Hop Mag

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2018 It Was Already Tricky,” Reason On SA Hip Hop. After changing his name from Reason to Sizwe Alakine the former SA rapper has been part of many people’s conversations lately in the entertainment space. The artists has partly triggered the most controversial debates on how SA hip hop is becoming peripheral and its now being dominated by Amapiano.

Reason has become one of the few artists in Mzansi who held their hands up and allowed to be crucified for the good music that they make regardless of the genre. His move to Amapiano propelled a lot of questions about his music career amongst the people, but he made another point during the interview with MacG.

“People are going through some sort of deep now, there is a hip hop crisis, my brother thina 2018 it was already tricky, we have been dealing with the fights of how do we get our radios on?” “How do we make radio jams, that thing has been happening since 2018 before lockdown and will you get more than one gig?” That’s the real thing bro.”

“2018 It Was Already Tricky,” Reason On SA Hip Hop

On the Podcast and Chill with MacG Reason talked about how the hip hop culture in SA has been struggling since 2018 and also reflecting on how him and DJ Maphorisa realized that making music is not all about business yet it is a calling. Cut the bullsh** man “music is a calling dawg it can be business all we want but really you make a song that make people feel in a certain way, connect in a certain way its a, its like, its another world.”

Recently Reason made it clear that his transition from hip hop to Amapiano does not make him less an artist, rather he is representing music as a culture and he sees the value of contributing to more creative expectations. He even mentioned that he is not abandoning rap but he is now all about expanding rap to other music lovers who fancy rap but not hip hop.

I really hope more of my hip hop broers who grew up on Kwaito and house, could see the value in telling South African human truths on a sound that has less creative expectations. Not abandon hip hop, but to expand on their message to others who like raps… but not hip hop.” He tweeted.

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