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4 Celebrities Cassper Is Keen On Taking On In A Celebrity Boxing Match

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4 Celebrities Cassper Is Keen On Taking On In A Celebrity Boxing Match. The topic of celebrity boxing matches has been a hot topic on social media recently with Cassper sparking the conversation highlighting how much money it could bring in. The multi award winning rapper has always been an avid supporter of the sport and is keen on making celebrity boxing matches a thing in South Africa.


As the conversation grew on Twitter, fans of the rapper and of the sport weighed in about which celebrities could fight which and specifically which celebrities Cassper could fight in the match ups. Here is a summary of 4 celebrities Cassper is keen on taking on.


Even though it’s old news now. Cassper and AKA were set to rumble it out in the boxing ring, and even had the contracts to prove it. Their boxing match was one of the most highly anticipated events in South African entertainment until their plans fell through.

Prince Kaybee

Cassper’s fans mentioned that one of the boxing matches they would love to see would be one between him and Gugulethu hitmaker Prince Kaybee. Prince Kaybee also showed interest in the match saying that he has already received an email from Cassper’s team telling fans that the plans are well underway. Prince Kaybee warned Cassper saying he hopes the fight isn’t a publicity stunt to which Cassper responded by saying, he is about to make Prince Kaybee more famous than he is now.

Big Xhosa

The rapper who dissed all of SA Hip Hop is also set to face off against Cassper after he said he can easily knock out the rapper in one round. The two rappers went back and forth with Cassper saying that Big Xhosa isn’t even a celebrity but asked the young rapper how soon he wants to do the fight.

Priddy Ugly

Fans also suggested Cassper fight Priddy Ugly but Priddy Ugly said that he doesn’t think there is anyone in his weight category who would stand a chance against him and for the fight to be evenly matched they would have to be bigger than him. Cassper said he wants to fight Prince Kaybee first and then he will plan a fight with Priddy or get him someone else to fight.

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