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A-Reece Claps Back At Critics Who Say He’s Been Falling Off Since 2017

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A-Reece Claps Back At Critics Who Say He’s Been Falling Off Since 2017. A-Reece has been in the game for a hot minute and he has proved over the years that he is certainly here to stay, despite what the haters have to say. The rapper has certified himself as one of the top Hip Hop acts in South Ah, he even has the accolades to prove it. Despite A-Reece having worked hard and done all that he has done, it has not stopped the critics from having something negative to say about his career. Critics have been telling the rapper the same thing for over 5 years now and he is over it.

A-Reece recently took to social media to share quite the clapback to critics who have speaking negatively about his career over the years. A-Reece delivered a very strong message to his critics and he also reminded them that despite all that they have said, he is still around and still winning. “I swear according to the haters I been fallin’ off since 2017. stop playing with me. the champ’s here. I told you this before,” tweeted A-Reece. The rapper burst into the SA Hip Hop scene with his 2016 debut album Paradise which created quite the waves and even scored him a nomination at the South African Music Awards, for Best Rap Album. He even scored three nominations at the Metro FM awards in 2017.

A few haters decided to respond to A-Reece’s powerful statement with a little spice but they were sent packing by the Slimes, who do not play around when it comes to their favourite rapper. The rapper’s tweet had his fans speculating that the rapper is gearing up to drop new material. A-Reece has already dropped a project this year called  Today’s Tragedy Tomorrow’s Memory, which is a favourite amongst his fans. A-Reece is known to be more focused on music than industry politics has recently been more active on social media, which is certainly sitting well with his fans.

Recently word from A-Reece’s camp has also surfaced that the rapper is ready to submit his music for awards consideration, a sign that A-Reece is once again ready to be recognized by awards ceremonies for his work. “OKAY, WE ARE GOING TO SUBMIT …A HUGE S/O TO THE $LIMES! YA’LL KNOW HOW THE KING MOVES, YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT TRAIN  STIMELA!LET’S GO!” read a tweet from A-Reece’s DJ. A-Reece is certainly no stranger to the awards scene he has collected under his belt, such as and seems to be on a mission to collect more.

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