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A-Reece Reveals The SA Rappers He Rates As Top SmokersSA Hip Hop Mag

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A-Reece Reveals The SA Rappers He Rates As Top Smokers. To many hip hop followers A-Reece is a clear indication of an artist who aspires to improve and perfect the art of rapping. Over the years, the rapper has conquered his abilities, and many of his followers are proud of what he has achieved so far. The Boy Doing Things might have some wonderful highlights in his music career, meeting with different people with crazy characters and behaviors.

Nonetheless, it seems like the rapper has had some crazy and unforgettable moments when it comes to puffing blunts with other peers in the music industry. The Mark 15:35 rapper took to twitter and mentioned the people who he thinks are real deal when it comes to smoking weed in the SA music space. “bro you ain’t never really smoked until you smoke with pH, Dj MAPHORISA, Wordz & Emtee.” He tweeted.

A-Reece has had some good highlights in his career besides taking note who are the real chainsmokers in the game. He has mentioned that his main highlight of his career was working with one of the Hip hop legends in Mzansi Khuli Chana.

“The highlight of my career so far has been working with Khuli Chana Someone I’ve always been inspired by throughout my journey,” he said.

The young rapper also released a mixtape called ‘Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory,’ and things are looking up for him. Meanwhile in Honeydew singer claimed he’d like to collaborate with Kanye West, since he believes that it will increase his musicial IQ and raise his skill in the game.

With his songs, A-Reece has captivated the hearts of many. And he has got some mention from people Slik Talk amongst other hip hop followers in South Africa. Above all, A-Reece is still in the game and he will continue to give you the “Morning Peace.”

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