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A-Reece’s DJ Confirms Rapper Is Submitting Music For Awards Consideration

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A-Reece’s DJ Confirms Rapper Is Submitting Music For Awards Consideration. Rapper A-Reece already has several awards under his belt, however, over the years, the rapper has not felt the need to submit his music for consideration by award ceremonies. Word from A-Reece camp is that the rapper has decided to submit music for consideration. The decision is all thanks to A-Reece’s fans, the Slimes, who are known to ride hard for their favourite rapper. It is unclear at the present moment which awards, A-Reece will be submitting for, however, submissions for the SA Hip Hop Awards are currently open and the closing date is approaching.

A-Reece’s DJ, known as Kris Houdin, took to social media to share the good news with A-Reece’s large fanbase. In his tweet, Kris gave a huge shout to the Slimes for making this happen, after all, it is their efforts that made this possible. “OKAY, WE ARE GOING TO SUBMIT 💿…A HUGE S/O TO THE $LIMES! YA’LL KNOW HOW THE KING MOVES, YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT TRAIN 🚂 STIMELA!LET’S GO!” he tweeted. The news was met with positive reactions from A-Reece fans, who have been eagerly waiting for the rapper to get the accolades that he deserves. Fans are already hoping that A-Reece scoops up the mixtape and lyricist of the year and are ready to vote when the time comes.

A-Reece has become known for his element of mystery when it comes to other aspects of his life and is rather known for his work, which speaks for itself. The Slimes do not play around when it comes to A-Reece and have become known as his public defenders. A-Reece fans are known to come for people they feel are coming for their favourite rapper, who prefers to keep away from drama. Hip Hop acts such as Ms Cosmo and Priddy Ugly know very well the power of the Slimes, as they have previously had them in their mentions after they seemingly rubbed the fanbase the wrong way.

Earlier this year, A-Reece released a mixtape called TODAY’S TRAGEDY, TOMORROW’S MEMORY, a project he considers to be his best. Speaking of the project, A-Reece shared: “It took me an entire year to wrap this project up. That’s the longest I’ve taken to put together a complete body of work. The approach was different. I was caught between having a lot to speak about and not being a mouthful or unnecessarily overwhelming. The record is a musical expression of what’s inside my troubled mind.”

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