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AKA Pays Tribute To His Late Fiancée Four Months After Her Passing

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AKA Pays Tribute To His Late Fiancée Four Months After Her Passing. It has been four months since rapper AKA lost his fiancée Anele “Nellie” Tembe after she reportedly fell from the 10th floor of the popular Cape Town hotel the Pepper Club. The rapper has slowly been moving forward with his life since her passing but he has not forgotten about Anele.

AKA took to social media to pay tribute to the love of his life, with a heartfelt post, that shows he is still going through the pain of losing Anele. The pain of losing a loved one is said to be a pain that does not easily go away, even if months have passed since the person’s departure, the pain still remains.

“4 months to this day. 💔 … it never goes away. Everyday I pray for her, myself and our families,” wrote AKA. The rapper went on to share that he “will never be the same person” following her passing. In his post, AKA continued to say he” will do the best I can with the gift and opportunity of life that I still have left.” Supa Mega in his post also thanked everyone who has stuck by him, he did not mention who those people are but said they know who they are.

AKA also shared on his Instagram stories, a video of himself and Anele in happier times, dancing in the kitchen as they cooked together. This is not the first time AKA has paid tribute to Anele on social media. On Fathers Day he shared how “difficult” the day was for him. In his post on Instagram, he explained why the day was difficult for him. “Difficult because as much as I have lost you, as a father I cannot even imagine what it feels like to lose a child, especially someone as amazing as you.”

His post was accompanied by the last picture he took of Anele, which he said is how he chooses to remember her. “I pray for your family every single day, as I do for mine. We miss you so much Anele. So so much. Everything reminds me of you. 💜 💍” he added.

After Anele passed AKA temporarily took a step back from the spotlight, he announced he was stepping back from his duties from Cruz Vodka and he also took a break from performing. Towards the end of July, AKA returned to the spotlight and resumed his duties at Cruz Vodka and this past weekend he returned to the stage with his first performance in Nelspruit.

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