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AKA’s Part In Season 2 Of The Braai Show Explained: Cassper Reacts

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AKA’s Part In Season 2 Of The Braai Show Explained: Cassper Reacts. Rapper AKA’s role in the upcoming season of The Braai Show has been clarified by Cake Media and MakhuduCom in a new report by Sowetan. According to the report by the publication the embattled rapper AKA “plays no role” in the upcoming season which is set to air in September.

News that Cassper Nyovest would be replacing his rival as AKA as the host of The Braai Show had the streets talking, considering the history the two rappers have. In a joint statement, Cake Media and MakhuduCom said “Due to various reasons, they have had to pivot the show and solicit a new host in an effort to ensure success. Kiernan Forbes (AKA) plays no role in season two.

“Cassper Nyovest is the new host of The Braai Show and the executive producers believe audiences are going to enjoy what they have in store this time around.” The publication asked Cake Media and MakhuduCom what was AKA’s role in the first season of the show to which they responded, “Kiernan Forbes (AKA) was credited as executive producer for season one.”

A statement that was allegedly from AKA‘s legal team Tailor Made Law was issued to entertainment commentator Phil Mphela and said that legal action was being pursued by the rapper. The Sowetan was unable to verify the authenticity of the claims in the statement.

However, AKA’s publicist Phumza Nohashe told the publication in a statement said; “As stated in a press release issued three months ago, our client, Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes, took a business decision to temporarily step back from his public commitments and partnerships, so that he may focus on his unfortunate personal circumstances at the time, as well as his personal healing.

“His stance, on Wednesday, as a partner and creator of The Braai Show is to see it thrive as an extension of his business entity. Conversations are ongoing to redress whatever public perceptions have been put out about this upcoming season and his main focus is to ensure that all parties involved’s commitments are met, as he would have in other time.”

Cassper has reacted to news of the latest update regarding The Braai Show and said “Ha ke spanele malaaitie. Case closed. #TheBraaiShowWithCass hitting tv screens 8 September,” tweeted the rapper. A tweep said to the rapper “yet you steal their ideas” to which he responded that he “didn’t steal any idea” and went on to explain that “it’s just business”.

“Didn’t steal any idea, i was offered a show, I took the cheque and made some demands of top of the cheque. It’s just business, only the strong will survive ouchea!!!! I must deny a pay cheque cause Lesego says so ? Hahaha nka tswa matlho a 4. #TheBraaiShowWithCass coming soon” tweeted Cassper.

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