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All You Need To Know About Teni’s Clash with Shizzi over ‘Case’

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According to ShizziTeni and her label gave their in-house producer the song, Case even though he was the one that produced it from scratch. This all happened on Saturday, the 18th of December 2021.

Recall, Teni released Case in 2018 and that became a really big song in the country at the time and became the singer’s grand entry into the music industry. The song was released under her label, Dr Dolor Entertainment.

The Primary Individuals involved in this Story are: Shizzi, Teni and JaySynths.

Some people might be wondering who JaySynths is, we’re coming to that soon.

Secondary Individuals, (Individuals who could have been left out of the conversation): Samklef (A.K.A: Tunde Ednut’s Career Mirror), Shizzi’s Wife. But in the case of Violence, everybody must collect.

So let’s get into it…

The clash started when Teni made a tweet about people who “use” others and Shizzi replied her saying she was talking about herself as she double-crossed him on her song, Case. Teni had written,

Users have no pity, they’ll use you and feel no remorse, don’t let that crown shift. Walk away.”

Shizzi now dropped a sizzling Response:

Oh you don dey feel am? Them don dey serve you breakfast already? See who’s talking about users??? 

You, that took a song that I produced with you “Case” and you went and gave your in-house producer to reproduce it without my consent and you released the song and your guy “Nurse Dolor” endorsed it with no remorse till 2day.., you’re talking about users.. nah stop it! 


The beginning of the gbas gbos
Shizzi puts forth his case against Teni. Doctor Nurse Dolor Collects stray bullet.
Teni said Shizzi should drop the stems else he is a lil ‘b*tch’ till this moment of writing Shizzi never drop stems.
Shizzi’s wife entering into business conversation to defend her family member. Well, we need to stand for our loved ones
Shizzi shalaye’ing over letting Teni go. Say he has receipt of Teni’s mother begging. But Sir, did you receive money or not? Please drop stems
Shout out to our mummies abeg. Teni’s mother gave her life and freedom. Can she also drop proof of Payment to Shizzi? Make we know where we dey

Any how sha, that is how it was going until JaySynths enter the gist. JaySynths is credited as the producer for Teni’s Case. You know the ‘In House Producer’ Shizzi was referring to? Na this guy.

JaySynths came with his own share of Receipts!

According to JaySynths, he and Teni had recorded Case as a freestyle before she traveled to Atlanta to get Shizzi to produce it. In his words;

Teni and I had a freestyle of this song (CASE) before she went back to Atlanta. She had said she wanted Shizzi to produce the song for her (reason for the video) but obviously things did’nt go the way she planned. She got back to Naija and I produced the song from the scratch.

JaySynths even has a video that proves he started work before the other bros, but out of Respect for OGs, let me not say anything

Samklef who is seemingly competing with other Spiritual forces for the position of ‘Otunba Daniel Regha‘ of Nigerian music has since rendered his opinion. But I no go put am here. That one is his own. No disrespect to the OGs. Let’s be calming down sha!

People of God, I will be providing updates. For now, make let me go and see the rest of the fight for you!

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