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An Ordinary Day releases eclectic single ‘Gold Bourbon’

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An Ordinary Day releases eclectic single ‘Gold Bourbon’: Listen

Houston-based DJ/producer An Ordinary Day has just released a powerful track that will have listeners embark on a unique journey accompanied by elements of complete relaxation. Bringing together a fusion of smooth and soulful vibes, ‘Gold Bourbon’ is the epitome of a production destined to captivate from the off set till the very end!

Perfectly implementing his sound in this latest release, An Ordinary Day ensures that with each of his productions, fans alike will experience an array of feelings throughout, whilst the use of evolving landscapes, pounding bass and edgy synths help elevate this track to a different dimension. A masterpiece in its own right, ‘Gold Bourbon’ further enhances the presence of this multi-faceted artist, where once again he mixes trap style beats in order to create the most raw and unique sound possible.

Merging contrasting elements have led to the creation of the most eclectic of tracks, with An Ordinary Day providing a song that is destined for nothing other than success. With the evolution of sounds visible throughout the entirety of the track, it comes to no surprise that listeners will be left wanting more. The complete definition of a song that will have anyone feeling instant relaxation, ‘Gold Bourbon’ further demonstrates the artists versatility within our community.

Describing his latest production to the full, An Ordinary Day stated the following;

“Gold Bourbon started out as a progressive instrumental with the arps, that had a cinematic vibe to it.  As the track evolved it began to take on a new life when the trap style drums and percussion were added to it.  The track ultimately builds up to a heavy, and distorted analog synth part.  The name was inspired by the bourbon rose, which was a chance crossing of two different types of roses creating this new elegant hybrid flower, though I could see where one could easily associate it to a bourbon whiskey that can be gold in colour.  Track name aside, I feel this piece is a hallmark that stamps the character of what my An Ordinary Day project is about – progressively evolving landscapes, driven by trap drums and percussion, with in your face bass.”

Out now, ‘Gold Bourbon’ will have you embarking on the most unique and chill of journeys, and in turn provide all the elements required when looking to relax after a long and hard day. Make sure to check out this masterpiece of a song on Spotify below, with the track available for streaming on all platforms here. Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments section. Enjoy!

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