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Are The Fans To Blame For Nasty C Not Wanting To Work On Amapiano, His DJ Weighs

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Are The Fans To Blame For Nasty C Not Wanting To Work On Amapiano, His DJ Weighs. Nasty C recently made it very clear that fans should not expect him to jump onto any Amapiano tracks as it just would be too weird. Nasty C’s decision has nothing to do with the rapper disliking the genre, he just is sticking to his own sound one that works for him. In an Instagram Live, Spank Daddy delivered a public announcement that people shouldn’t come to him with any request for him to work on an Amapiano track. Several SA Hip Hop artists have expressed interest in jumping on the Yanos and are making the moves to do but Nasty C won’t be one of them.

Nasty C’s official DJ, Audiomarc recently gave another interest as to why this might be the case. Nasty C throughout his career has been criticized for rapping in English or sounding American on his Hip Hop tracks. Audiomarc revealed that the criticism for fans is also to blame for some rappers not wanting to do Amapiano verses. “But let’s be honest y’all are too blame for some broers not doing piano verses, y’all were bashing them for rapping in english (American accent) on “HIPHOP”. Now yall want them on piano,” remarked the producer. Audiomarc remarked that while there is love for the genre but he also is of the view artists shouldn’t sign themselves up for the criticism.

When it comes to the fans, a person can certainly never please them all. One tweep remarked that the “American accent is irritating, which Audiomarc said proves his point exactly. Another fan exclaimed that then artists will starve with their Hip Hop, which Audiomarc disagrees with. Considering Nasty C is among the most booked artists in South Ah he certainly is not starving. “We ain’t starving don’t put people’s failures on us. We literally booked until next year. Just got back from clapping shows in Nigeria,” responded the producer.

Audiomarc is certainly not starving, he recently dropped a collaboration with Blxckie and Nasty C, called Why Me, which is doing well on the charts and racking up streaming numbers. The track has already been streamed over 600K times in the 3 weeks that it has been released. Audiomarc reflected on the success of the song, not so long ago and shared that there is Hip Hop music that fans can dance to. “It’s obvious that people want to dance and feel good when listening to Hiphop. 600k audio streams in 3 weeks. Just drop bangers & chat less,” shared Audiomarc.

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