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ATEEZ Leaves Self-Quarantine + Resumes Schedule After Testing Negative For COVID-19

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ATEEZ will be returning to activities as usual after testing negative for COVID-19.

On December 18, after attending a pre-recording for MBC’s “Music Core,” ATEEZ learned that one of the music show’s staff members had tested positive for COVID-19. Although the ATEEZ members were not classified as having come into close contact with the patient—and therefore were not required to undergo testing—the members and their staff chose to be tested as a precautionary measure, and they went into voluntary self-quarantine while awaiting their results.

Although ATEEZ’s pre-recorded stage for “Music Core” was broadcast as scheduled, the group postponed two of their scheduled activities—their QQ Music Live Comment event and a video call fan signing event—due to entering self-quarantine.

On the morning of December 19, KQ Entertainment officially announced that all of the ATEEZ members’ test results had come back negative and that they would be resuming their scheduled activities.

The agency’s full Korean statement is as follows:

Hello, this is KQ Entertainment.

We are informing you of ATEEZ’s COVID-19 test results.

Yesterday (December 18), an individual on the set of one of ATEEZ’s scheduled activities was diagnosed with COVID-19. As a precautionary measure, all of the ATEEZ members immediately underwent testing for COVID-19, and their test results have come back negative.

Therefore, starting from now on, ATEEZ will be carrying out their scheduled activities as usual.

We deeply apologize for giving you cause for concern while waiting for the test results, and we would like to thank all of the fans who worried [about ATEEZ].

Meanwhile, the “Music Core” production staff has released their own statement explaining their decision to move forward with yesterday’s live broadcast after learning that one of their staff members had COVID-19.

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