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Audiomarc Reflects On His Single ‘Why Me’ Dominating The Charts

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Audiomarc Reflects On His Single ‘Why Me’ Dominating The Charts. DJ and producer Audiomarc recently teamed up with Nasty C and Blxckie to release a Hip Hop banger that fans can enjoy at the clubs and in their private spaces. The track is a truly infectious and it is evident the creators of the song have taken into consideration the current SA music scene, which sees dance music dominating. Audiomarc with this single reminds Hip Hop lovers that the genre is still alive and it is possible to have a hip hop track that can get crowds going.

The lyrics on Audiomarc’s new single Why Me featuring Nasty C and Blxckie are very i3nfectious and one might just find the lyrics stuck on replay on their minds. “Woke up feelin’ godly (Godly) I say thank you God, but why me? (Why me, God?),” is a line that has become very popular with the fans of the song. The DJ recently took to social media to reflect on how well, the song is doing. It’s been less than a month since it was released but is already pulling impressive streaming numbers. In his post, Audiomarc revealed that his latest offering is the biggest Hip Hop songs on the charts and also highly requested at various venues that he has played at.

The DJ in his post also shared that he was grateful for the support that he has received since he dropped the single. “Currently the biggest SA Hiphop song on the charts & people asking for it at every venue we handle 🥺 grateful for everyone showing love 🙏🏽,” wrote Audiomarc. Considering that the record features two of SA Hip Hop biggest acts it is possible that this was a guaranteed hit. Newcomer Blxckie has proven to be a certified hitmaker as most of his releases this year have gone on to dominate the charts.

Not only is Why Me popular in SA, the song is also causing waves in Canada. Audiomarc recently shared that his single has had over 10K plays in Canada on Apple Music. On streaming platform, Audiomack, the single has been streamed over 100 000 times. There is certainly something in the pudding, because the record is doing the numbers and is being well received by crowds. This is the third time, Audiomarc is collaborating with Nasty C on a track and he seems to have identified a winning formula.

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