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BABY Audio – Magic Dice

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BABY Audio launches Free Plugin Magic Dice

BABY Audio known for its affordable and simple yet effective line of plugins has now launched a new free plugin, Magic Dice. The plugin comes in as a successor to the massively popular Magic Switch freebie.


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Magic Dice is based on BABY Audio’s plugin Spaced Out which was launched earlier this year. With the help of Magic Switch, you can randomly generate lush atmospheres and interesting sound textures with a click of a button. It also draws in the richness and tonal quality of Spaced Out. The freedom to tweak individual parameters is however missing from Magic Switch. The plugin being very concise aims to provide a quick solution to breathe life into dull sounds.

With every click, you’ll find something completely out of the box from Magic Dice. You can also mix the balance of wet texture according to your liking. Driving its tech from Spaced Out, there are endless possibilities of what this small plugin can do. Thanks to the state-of-the-art signal processing and tech involved, the plugin as expected is quite light on the CPU as well.


Magic Dice by BABY Audio is now available on their website as a free download. The supported formats include VST, VST3, AU, AAX making it compatible with almost all modern-day DAWs & OS.



Check out Magic Dice in action down below:


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Image Credits: BABY Audio

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