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Baltimore Drug Dealer Claims He Did Business With Drake, Kanye, And Diddy While Using Lawyer To Launder Money

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A number of rappers have come up during the trial of a famous lawyer from Baltimore, who is accused of helping his drug-dealing client launder money!

An alleged Baltimore drug dealer is throwing everyone under the bus to save his own hide.

During a trial, the kingpin said he worked hand and hand with some of Hip-Hop’s top dogs through a marketing company he insisted was legit.

According to Yahoo! News, Richard Byrd told a courtroom full of people during a Federal trial for lawyer Kenneth Ravenell that his club opened its doors and hosted the following rappers/celebrities (at its height): Chris Brown, Drake, Kevin Durant, Jamie Foxx, LeBron James, Jeezy, Nelly, Shaquille O’Neal, 2Chainz, and Dwayne Wade.”

Richard Byrd even revealed that he “owned the rights” to host events with Bad Boy founder Sean “P Diddy” Combs and for years produced over 500 events for the mogul.

Another big name he said he worked with was the artist formerly known as Kanye West.

In the U.S. District Court, the 48-year-old businessman even said that Ye was too much to deal with after he became successful. Byrd shared with the jury, “Once he became a megastar, he [West] became very difficult to work with.”

Byrd’s lawyer Kenneth Ravenell is on trial for possibly assisting the drug baron with his illegal cannabis trading business and helping his criminal organization launder money.

Byrd, who is serving a 26-year prison sentence, contends that his business, Loc Marketing, was legitimate and made millions of dollars.


Ravenell says that Byrd is lying. His attorney, Peter White, even asked the alleged hustler if he killed his brother for being a snitch to law enforcement.

Byrd said he did not issue an order to have his brother killed. The attorney then showed Byrd a memo where he spoke about this with the DEA and IRS.

Byrd shrugged it off with, When you’re part of a company dealing with so many things, that’s just another day.”

“Potentially killing your own brother is just another day at the office for you?” White pushed.

Byrd retorted, “When you’re in the streets, that’s just another day.”

Neither Diddy nor Yeezy have commented on Byrd’s allegations that he worked with them or that they knew that he was possibly laundering money.

But would you?

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