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#BBNaija: “When my dad died I took his gun and chased all my relatives from the house” – Cross

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On Saturday, 14th of August while the housemates prepared for their Saturday night party, Cross told a personal story he has never shared in the house before to fellow housemate Peace. 

Arguably one of the most calm and collected housemates on this season show, Cross, reveals how he wasn’t always a calm person but rather a very angry and “mad” individual in his teenage years.

He shared his story with Peace about losing his dad at 15 years of age and this made him a very angry person. 

During his time of grief he also said he hated how too many people always come around the house to pay their respects and one day “I went up to my dad’s room, took his shotgun, pointed in the air and asked everybody to get out!”, he stated. 

He further went on to tell Peace how his Anger landed him in prison while he was young. On speaking about this he also wanted Peace to know that he has worked on his personality a lot which has made him the way he is today, a person who can never get “very angry and pissed” anymore.

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