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Beef Alert! Can the Deceased ascend The Throne with his Carcass? Obibini awaits Amerado’s reply! | Ghana Music

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Triggered by a word in Amerado’s widely commended flow on the Tim Westwood show which Obibini perceives to be a jab at him, the latest beef has taken flight!

For lovers of rap music in Ghana, this moment is another one to savour as two of the country’s highly-rated rappers are having a go at each other in back-to-back diss tracks.

Rappers Amerado and Obibini have since last night entertained their fans as they battle for supremacy.

Despite Amerado’s clarification that Obibini was not the target of his verse, Obibini entered the recording booth last night and produced a diss track titled ‘Deceased’.

The Zylofon signee belittled Amerado’s lyrical prowess and condemned his career which he claims to have buried.

Barely two hours later, Amerado also released a song titled “The Throne’ in which he sought to establish his superiority over Obibini.

Amerado went in hard on his colleague and urged him to focus on his peers who he claims have inked more hit songs than him (Obibini).

It’s been a few hours since Amerado’s issued his response but here comes Obibini with a reply dubbed, Carcass. All eyes are on Amerado now to settle the score!

On social media, the two musicians have been trending with their fans enjoying every bit of the moment. Judge for yourselves who is winning so far!

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