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Big Hash ‘Finally Free’ From Former Label

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Big Hash ‘Finally Free’ From Former Label. Celebrations are in order for rapper Big Hash who has managed to finally cut all ties with his former label Innanetwav, after quite the uphill battle. The SA Hip Hop act recently revealed why there had been a hold up with him dropping his long-awaited album. The rapper released a statement that shed light on the dealings of his former label and also revealed that he was taking legal action against Innanetwav. The legal matter has now concluded and Big Hash is finally free.

Big Hash excitedly took to social media to share the good news with his supporters, who have been riding with him through everything that he has been through. There is certainly light at the end of the tunnel for this rapper, as finally, he will be able to release projects and not have to worry about them being removed from digital platforms or the wrong parties benefitting from his work. The good news did not stop with the news that Big Hash is finally free as he also announced that he will finally be dropping his highly anticipated mixtape, Aries in November.

“I’m finally free! They can’t take my shit down no more, it’s comeback season, baby…they can’t stop US! ❤️New mixtape #ARIES this November ✍🏽,” read his tweet. Fans asked for a little reassurance from Big Hash that indeed everything is resolved and requested he re-drop “peace of mind” which was taken down during his legal battle with Innanetwav. The rapper revealed that he has plans to re-launch the track on the project and won’t be dropping as a single. He did however reveal that he would be dropping a video in the coming week.

One fan, however, was not too happy about having to wait until November for Big Hash’s project, especially since he had previously mentioned it was ready. Big Hash has had to push back his Aries release date several times, the EP was initially meant to drop in May but was delayed due to sample clearance. Big Hash explained to the fan that he is still mixing a few songs and still needs to set up a few things ahead of dropping the mixtape. “I’m still mixing a song or two, and I need to set up a pre-order for all y’all. I gotta do this the right way,” Big Hash said in his response. Big Hash’s supporters are certainly ready for him to release the long-awaited project and cannot wait for it to be available.

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