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Big Hash Gets Candid About His Deal With Former Label Going Sour

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Big Hash Gets Candid About His Deal With Former Label Going Sour. Fans of rapper Big Hash have been waiting for new music from the young rapper and now he has opened up to his fans and followers as to why there has been a delay. In a statement titled “an explanation, an acknowledgement”, the rapper addressed his fans’ concerns as he spoke his truth.

The rapper posted a lengthy statement on his website, explaining why he has not released any musical projects, despite saying he would and also why Piece Of Mind is no longer on streaming platforms. Not only did Big Hash’s statement answer fans questions, but it also revealed that the rapper has been dealing with a lot of things behind the scenes in regards to his former label.

Big Hash detailed how he entered into the industry at “full speed” and how he met the right independent label innanetwav at the right time in his life, as he needed the change. Big Hash acknowledges the good things the label did for him but he also shared how things changed over time.

“However, as we progressed, more often than not, certain things were mishandled and communication became strained. I felt under-appreciated; like I wasn’t being taken seriously, and I wanted to be independent. In trying to leave the label, I wanted to handle things peacefully, respectfully, and quietly; I wanted this out of consideration to the personal relationship I’d already built before ever signing to their label,” read the statement.

In the Spring of 2020, Tailor Made Consultants and M3NA Media assisted the rapper with the process to mutually cut ties with the label. This is when things took an unexpected turn as the record labels dealings in regard to career became known to him. “While signed to innanetwav. I was being manipulated and exploited by people whom I considered family. A six-figure deal was signed, using my power of attorney, without total disclosure of the details, money and financial records related to my name and music were being withheld from me,” the rapper alleges.

Big Hash goes on to explain that innanetwav. was made aware of the breaches and his desire to end things. After the record label did not clear up the breaches according to the protocols and timeframes they gave him. “We concluded the contract to be terminated. I was free, fair and square, I thought.”

“This hasn’t stopped them from trying to slow my career down though. The money they’ve illegitimately withheld from me wasn’t enough for them. When I released “Peace Of Mind” independently, they issued takedowns to the DSPs under false pretenses. As a result, I’m not able to release the art I put all my time and effort into without their harassment, strong arming, and fraudulence flushing it down the drain.”

The rapper explained that he is opening up because he is tired of not having a voice when it is the only good thing he has going for himself. “This voice helps provide for myself and my loved ones. I’m tired of being graceful. I’ve watched and heard people mistaken my silence for complacency. I’m speaking up for myself because there are so many other artists like me who were taken advantage of, regardless of age, and sold down the river under the guise of their future being “secured”. “

Big Hash further revealed that whilst the journey has been a tough one, things are still going to be difficult as he has decided to take legal action against the record label. “This journey has been a tough one and it’s only going to be an uphill battle from here, as I’ve decided to pursue legal action against innanetwav.”

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