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Big Xhosa Drops Official Music Video For ‘Ndiyaphindeka’ Featuring IFani SA Hip Hop Mag

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Big Xhosa Drops Official Music Video For ‘Ndiyaphindeka’ Featuring IFani. After working together on the track Ikuku Endala Big Xhosa and IFani relationship has escalated to a more than being fellow artists, rather they have become brothers. Despite popping in and out of the rap game, this time around it looks like IFani is now at a better place working with Big Xhosa.

Big Xhosa Drops Official Music Video For ‘Ndiyaphindeka’ Featuring IFani

The Xhosas are at it again with a brand new track “Ndiyaphindeka.” The track has all the potential to be a smash hit heading towards the festive period. IFani announced the release of the official music video on his Twitter page along with a YouTube link for hip hop fans to watch and groove to the brand new Xhosa sound. Dear, “Black Twitter https://youtu.be/5lKBPgFTAAk Yours Sincerely, iFani, Big Xhosa,” tweeted IFani.

The intro of the video showed IFani being baptized by a priest all in the name of being cleansed from his sins. The rapper has had feuds in the rap game and he has been in some brawl with Cassper and AKA. On the “Ndiyaphindeka” music video, IFani had to admit his sins after he was asked by a priest that he disrespected AKA.

Telling from the music video, it looks like IFani is ready to make peace with everyone he has wronged in the past. The rapper was also cleansed for the sins he committed against Boity after he made some shady comments towards Boity’s assault.

Big Xhosa and IFani are proving to be doing wonders together as they keep on releasing good hip hop tracks that have been embraced by the hip hop followers in Mzansi. If this is IFani making a comeback to save hip hop like he mentioned previously, then he might be doing it the right way. The rapper has vowed to work with Big Xhosa and to protect him from the mishaps that comes wit the rap game.

“Big Xhosa is a dope kid, a young dyan A great soul. I wish him ALL the success I had and more! And no downfall like me. No aka-like people killing his dreams And I wish he nyams his crush – unlike me & Boi,” the rapper tweeted.

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