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Blxckie Reveals What His Latest Banger ‘Kwenzekile’ Is Laced With

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Blxckie Reveals What His Latest Banger ‘Kwenzekile’ Is Laced With. Blxckie has proven himself to be a hitmaker as all of his releases have gone on to perform well, in terms of public reception and on the charts. The young SA Hip Hop artist has gotten to collaborate with some of the hottest acts in music since he broke out on the SA music scene. Blxckie most recently collaborated with DJ Maphorisa’s rap alter ego, Madumane on a new song called Kwenzekile along with Chang Cello. The song even prior to its official release had fans excited and its success after its release was proof that fans love the track.

Blxckie fans have previously speculated that there is a special ingredient when it comes to Blxckie’s music, as his music is not only good but also addictive. Fans of Blxckie often find themselves playing the young rapper’s music on repeat, as there is something that draws them back to uSomnyama yena yedwa‘s music. The rapper recently revealed what the special ingredient is on his Kwenzekile track. Fans of the track have been wondering what it is the special ingredient to the song, and now the secret is out. The hitmaker revealed that Kwenzekile has a touch of “impepho” which is African Sage. “Kwenzekile is laced with impepho bafethu. nakho-ke sengshilo,” shared Blxckie.

Imphepo is usually burnt and used as a sacred incense used to call on the ancestors or cleanse energy. A fan of the song had commented on Blxckie’s post and said that Kwenzekile is more than a song and a spiritual aspect to it and it must be that sage energy. “It’s more than a song. Wena you think you are punching the air cuz of the log drum. Kanti, you are actually fighting imoya. Kwenzekile the hymn!” shared the fan. Kwenzekile on its debut week topped Top Song chart on iTunes. “Woke up to the greatest news. @djmaphorisa @celloescobar WE NUMBER ONE BAFETHU !! KWENZEKILE NGEMPELA ! <3,” shared Blxckie in reaction to his song success.

Blxckie is on a winning streak and he is enjoying every minute of his success. The 21-year-old has accomplished a lot, his videos are racking up the numbers. “YO ! WE DID IT AGAIN. ANOTHER MILLION. INDEPENDENT. ORGANIC. i love you guys so much, this feels like a dream. THIS FEELS LIKE MY BIRTHDAY. i swear i knew it would be like this, from way back. from ‘come with us’ , from ‘noob saibot’ , from ‘shwii’ .. if you know, you know. ngyanthanda nonke, i promise. lets do more !!” reflected Blxckie on social media.

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