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Blxckie’s Girlfriend’s Identity Revealed Following Viral Video Mixup

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Blxckie has tried to keep his relationship away from the spotlight but the identity of his leading lady has been revealed. The rapper had revealed a while back that he was a taken man but did not reveal the identity of his special person. During his interview on myDMs Podcast, Blxckie shared a little more about his personal life. The rapper has become one of the hottest Hip Hop acts on the scene and everyone wants a piece of him and with fame comes attention from the ladies.

The leading lady in Blxckie’s life, who has now been identified as a lady, who goes by the name of Hermosa and according to her Instagram bio is a digital creator, model, dancer and poet. Hermosa is the one who took to her Instagram stories, to share that she is Blxckie’s girlfriend after, the public confused her identity following a video that did the rounds on social media. The clip in question has a female who is dragging Blxckie and Hermosa. In the clip, the female seems to allege that Blxckie has been up to no good in the club. In response to the clip, Hermosa posted two stories and went live to clear up the confusion.

“Yall do know that I’m the girlfriend right? Im not the girl in the video? I literally look nothing like that girl. Love that you have my mans back but you fighting the wrong girl,” wrote Hermosa on her Instagram stories. On her, Instagram Live Hermosa went on to further clarify that she was not the girl in the video but she boldly said that she is the girlfriend and also highlighted that her voice and the girl in the videos are different. She also said that if a person listens to the clip, the girl in the video says Hermosa do you know and reminded her followers that she is indeed Hermosa. In her clip, Hermosa also had a message for the girl to not drag her as she will respond by dragging her, her mother and her dead sister.

When Blxckie shed light on his relationship he had only good things to say about her. “My girl is the coolest, ever,” he told the hosts on myDMs Podcast. While Hermosa is cool, she is not cool enough to let Blxckie cheat on her. Blxckie also shared that his girl is not famous and he doesn’t want to be linked to a famous person. While Hermosa isn’t famous is popular on Instagram with 15K followers and yes, her man followers her and so does she.

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