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Boity’s Girlfriend Allowance Expectations Stuns Black TwitterSA Hip Hop Mag

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Boity’s Girlfriend Allowance Expectations Stuns Black Twitter. Most individuals wish to engage with rapper and media personality Boity, but the key question is if they can afford it. Boity recently sat down with social media influencer Mihlali Ndamase talked about relationship and girlfriend allowances.

During the conversation whilst the two were sipping and making cocktail together, the two reflected on different issues that most people were perplexed and amused about. Boity, who wasn’t holding back her words delve into how much she expect to get as girlfriend allowance monthly which has caused overwhelming reaction on the internet.

Boity’s Girlfriend Allowance Expectations Stuns Black Twitter

Mihlali mentioned that she had received 50k as girlfriend allowance in her previous relationship. “I once had a girlfriend allowance, and shame it was cute,” she told Boity. The ‘Wuz Dat’ rapper asked Mihlali “what’s cute?” “He used to give me R50k a month,” she replied casually. Boity was not shocked by the amount. “That’s very cute,” she said.

Boity revealed how much she would expect to get as girlfriend allowance. “If you are giving me like at least 450K a month we would be like cool, I would not bother you.” Boity tried to justify what she meant but Mihlali wasn’t ready to listen to her. She went on (Mihlali) and mention her girlfriend allowance which seems reasonable to some social media users.

Boity’s reaction made Mihlali extremely happy, and it probably helped her sort out all of her wants at the moment, according to Boity. Mihlali said that this happened a long time ago and that her girlfriend allowance should now be R100,000.

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