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Boris Brejcha changes pace with release of his ‘Vodka & Orange’ EP

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Boris Brejcha changes pace with release of his ‘Vodka & Orange’ EP: Listen

Boris Brejcha has once again delivered another set of powering tracks. This time, coming in the form of his latest EP, ‘Vodka & Orange.’ The three-track EP is a perfect blend between a groovy beat, powerful chords and an intense tone.

No less than a couple of months removed from his last EP, ‘Matrix,’ Brejcha wasted no time making sure his fans stayed on the edge of their seat with brand new music. Teasing the compilation on his Instagram, the three tracks, “Vodka & Orange,” “Shake It Down” and “A Piece of Light” are all extended mixes that show off the masterful producing mind of the German DJ.

Each track displays and highlights a different set of elements making this EP fresh to the listener’s ears from the second it starts to the second it ends. The entire 24 minute EP is some of Brejcha’s best work and continues to display the impressive level of output that he can maintain when it comes to new music.

Whether you are a long-time fan of Boris Brejcha or are just now hearing about him. ‘Vodka & Orange’ is worth every second of your time.

Listen to Boris Brejcha’s entire ‘Vodka & Orange’ EP via Ultra Records below.


Image Credit: Boris Brejcha / borisbrejcha.de

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