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Brand New! Youngsta CPT “Drops Dreams Don’t Pay Bills” Music Video SA Hip Hop Mag

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Brand New! Youngsta CPT “Drops Dreams Don’t Pay Bills” Music Video. Not long ago, the Capetown rapper made it known that he still got the rap muscles to keep the hip hop culture relevant in Mzansi. His new album “Dreams Don’t Pay Bills” is a great indication that Youngsta CPT is still here to represent the rap game and take it to a whole new pinnacle.

Yet again, Youngsta CPT and Shaney Jay have made a walk of fame into the month of December with a brand new music video for the track, “Dreams Don’t Pay Bills.” The music video productions done by ILLRow tells a story of how far one should go if they want to achieve their goals.

Brand New! Youngsta CPT “Drops Dreams Don’t Pay Bills” Music Video

Shaney Jay the producer of track, shared on his Twitter TL release of DDPB music video alerting the hip hop fans they can now watch it on YouTube. NEW [email protected] ‘DREAMS DONT PAY BILLS’ out now Song produced by me 🌍🔌 🎥: @illRowSA, he tweeted. With the visual and the storyline of the video were shot in a bed shop, giving an illustration that dozing off on your bed does not make your life pretty. Rather the rapper was trying to show that one have to wake up and activate the hustle mode because dreams don’t pay bills.

Nonetheless, Youngsta CPT came out on the release of the album and told a story and the motive behind his new project. The rapper shared during an interview on SlikourOnLife that “Dreams Don’t Pay Bills” is a project that he wrote so many years ago and he was waiting for the right time to make it known to the public. And with the global pandemic that affected so many lives, and what he went through during that time, motivated him to work on DDPB.

Dreams Don’t Pay Bills has been written on my desk in my room for like nine years, I wrote it many years ago.” I just never ever auctioned it like you know put it to good use lets say,” he said. Now that the album is done and the music video for one of the songs on the album is out, it is proving to be the perfect timing to have unleashed a nine year project for Youngsta CPT.

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