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Budukusu featured on Dr. Pushkin’s Need You

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Need You by Dr. Pushkin features Ataman Nikita and the Ghanaian rap contortionist, Budukusu, on a song that presents a different side of his persona to fans.

It brings to the fore the soft side of the hard-hitting social commentator who eulogized Harriet Tubman in his single “Force of nature.”

The song is “an ode to friends and family – the real ones – you know, the ones who check up on you and stick with you in both sunny and cloudy weather.”

Even though the song is a Hip Hop/Trap jam, the mellow message is captivating.

Need You by Isolirium, Dr. Pushkin, Ataman Nikita, Budukusu
According to Dr. Pushkin, Budukusu, formerly known as Quata Budukusu, is one artiste whose craft he has always admired from afar. It, therefore, came as an enthral when the rapper agreed to appear on the song.

Suffice to say, Dr. Pushkin has a fair share of the disdain established rappers accord emerging forces. Luckily, with Budukusu, the respect was mutual, making the cross-continent collaboration a seamless one.

Ataman Nikita is, however, a usual suspect when it comes to music from the camp of Isolirium. Being a Brother to Dr. Pushkin, they have collaborated so many times that this golden goose of a song couldn’t escape his touch.

Dr. Pushkin hinted at an album for 2022 titled “Outlandish.” The album is to bring to the fore his nature through music.

Songs on the album are speculated to encapsulate his being a social commentator, an ingenious scientist, to the everyday kind of guy with a stand-out personality. Thus, outlandish.

With singles like Need You, and Lies featuring TeriWizi, Outlandish is an album to anticipate heartily.

While on the subject of ingenuity, Dr. Pushkin’s Maths, Beats & Flow is believed to have propelled Keta Senior High School to the Finals of the Maths & Science Quiz for 2021.

Coming in as underdogs, they defied all odds to beat Wesley Girls & Tamale Senior High to grab a spot at the grande Finale.

2021 has been an incredible musical year for Dr. Pushkin. The Scientist who doubles as a rapper has proven to be grounded in his pursuits.

Making time between publishing books, lecturing, making beats, and speaking at seminars, the volume of music released is impressive. Even so, the quality of music.

With the right words, proper collaboration, and the right beat, Need You is a smashing joint worthy of playlists.

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