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Cassper Advises The Smartest Way Celebrities Should Spend Their Money SA Hip Hop Mag

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Cassper Advises The Smartest Way Celebrities Should Spend Their Money. Cassper Nyovest, has spoken out about his life as a “baller,” claiming that one day he would be a billionaire alongside with the big players. When a Twitter follower wondered how he falls asleep with such a large money balance, the artist responded and  admitted to the fan that he isn’t “rich rich,” but he is working to reach that level.

Cassper Advises The Smartest Way Celebrities Should Spend Their Money

Most South African artists believe themselves to be big spenders, raking in the dough, but  Cassper Nyovest is rather modest about his riches and he has advised other celebrities to invest their money in valuable assets. The rapper has shared concerns on his Twitter TL on how some of the superstars in Mzansi showbiz are spending loads of money on non-essential things.

The other thing I believe in is balance. I see niggas wearing 400k worth of clothes and I get worried cause I’m like yo, this show biz money will slow down at some point. Buy cribs niggas, I ain’t hating I’m giving you game. Have your fun but don’t forget to plan a lol bit.” Tweeted Cassper.

The rapper has always been keen on becoming succesful hip hop star in Mzansi, not only through his music, but from a business point of view. He once shared that he is working towards to be SA’s first Hip hop billionaire and being amongst the billionaire’s club with the likes of Jay-Z.

“Enough about the fight, I know it’s boring now. I got a dope project I’m working on. A first of its kind. Might be ready 1st quarter of the year. Another step into the direction of becoming South Africa’s first Hip Hop Billionaire. We thinking outside the box. Super excited!!!” Tweeted Cassper.

Despite being trolled for mentioning that he is aiming to be a billionaire. Cassper Nyovest is surely heading towards achieving his goals after he announced that his alcohol brand Billiato will be made available in stores this December. At the same time, Cass also released the “Root Of Fame” sneaker and has received some thumbs up in the clothing space.

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