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Cassper Details What He Wasn’t Happy About With The Braai Show Deal

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Cassper Details What He Wasn’t Happy About With The Braai Show Deal. On the season finale of Banques and Venom’s Youtube show, Cassper Nyovest was a guest and during his interview, he revealed a little more about his latest ventures. Earlier this week, Cassper announced that he is the new presenter of The Braai Show on SABC 1 taking over from AKA.

This is Cassper first gig as a presenter and this is something he is very excited about and has been open with his fans about. Cassper announced the good news on social media.“Cassper Nyovest is taking over The Braai Show on Sabc 1! It’s now called #TheBraaiShowWithCass. Don’t forget to use the hashtag!!! Broadcasting dates will be announced by channel soon!!! Le Plane ilandile!! ABASHWE!” he tweeted.

Speaking to the hosts, Cassper revealed some unknown details about him being on The Braai Show. “I’m taking over the Braai Show,” Cassper told Banques and Venom. The rapper went on to explain that he just shoot his 7th episode. “I’m the new host on The Braai Show, the second season it’s going to be on SABC 1, I’m the host,” the rapper said adding that “it’s crazy”. “This guy’s cold,” expressed Banques, DJ Venom then asked Cassper “what’s the concept?”

“Well, the concept. It’s a braai show, right. It started with the previous host, they developed the concept. They approached me saying there’s an opportunity and I said to them alright. They couldn’t pay me what I wanted, so I took what they offered and then I said I’ll only do this show if I’m able to promote my brand.”

Cassper, however, did not share if he had any knowledge of AKA’s involvement in the show. AKA owns 50% of the show and is an executive producer of the show along with Cake Media. AKA released a statement, that the decision of the host for the second season of the show was made without his approval.

The statement in part read, “Kiernan Forbes and his management team have become aware of insinuations that “The Braai Show”, of which he is a co-owner, will go ahead with a new presenter in its second season. Although not surprised by the opportunism. Mr Forbes does regret the lack of integrity and legal foresight by those who have sought to proceed with this incompetently sanctioned plan.”


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