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Cassper Details Why He Failed To Work With Emtee SA Hip Hop Mag

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Cassper Details Why He Failed To Work With Emtee. Mzansi might have hoped to witness a duet of Cassper and Emtee, the best a in the rap game. Emtee and Cassper have both worked with some of South Africa’s top stars, but their artistic trajectories have yet to intersect. Nonetheless, at one moment in time, it was on the verge of happening. Emtee and Cassper were meant to collaborate in the studio, but the “Johustleburg” rapper did not show up.

Cassper Details Why He Failed To Work With Emtee

Responding to one of his followers on Twitter, Cassper Nyovest gave details of the misinterpretation that most hip hop followers in Mzansi have, and why the collaboration with Emtee never happened. The Tito Mboweni hitmaker began by expressing his sentiments for Emtee and explaining why he wished to assist the brilliant artist.

I loved Emtee,” said Cassper. “I really wanted to work with him and I wanted to help him build back up again cause I think he is immensely talented.” Cassper intended to assist Emtee in rebuilding his career after the rapper’s departure from Ambitiouz Entertainment.

As if that was not enough, Cassper also touched on Emtee being ill-advised by some of the people around him. “I think someone got in his ear and said dumb shit to him and we never got to build,” said Cassper. Nyovest also mentioned that the collaboration was sabotaged before it could even begin. “Egos and ill advice will destroy things before they even form,” he added on his tweet.

Cassper was clearly moved by Emtee’s absence from the studio, and he even mentioned it in an interview on BET Africa’s Behind The Story. “Even with Emtee we were supposed to go to studio, he switched off his phone. I’m feeling like yoh, this guy’s phone is off. Like I was so excited to be in the studio with him, and I’m like… he mized me and not only them there’s a lot of people who mize me.” Cassper said.

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