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Cassper Explains Why He Compares His RF990s To Yeezys

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Cassper Nyovest’s sneaker is flying off shelves and his fans are sharing pictures of their purchases daily on social media. The RF990 are a must-have for Cassper’s fan, his mentions on social media are filled with comments talking about his sneaker. While there is praise for the sneaker, critics never rest. The rapper is certainly proud of his sneaker venture as it’s paying off. He is even working on releasing more colour.

The rapper is confident in his Drip Footwear partnership sneaker, so much so that he has compared it to Kanye West’s Yeezy sneaker brand in partnership with Adidas. Cassper dropped his sneaker with Drip Footwear as part of his “Legacy Deal” which forms part of an R100 million partnership. The rapper explained to his followers why he compared his local footwear to the award-winning American rapper. Both sneakers have been criticised and called ugly by the public yet they still sell out. “Yes sir. The yeezys still get shitted on today as ugly shoes but they sell like hot cakes. That’s what I’m comparing.” tweeted Cassper.

At this point in his career, it is highly possible that Cassper isn’t too bothered by what the critics have to say about his sneaker. It’s been criticised on social media since the day it was dropped. Cassper also reminded a Twitter user that the shoe is flying and tweets don’t affect the sales. “Your tweets don’t affect the sales. The show is flying,” tweeted Cassper. This isn’t the first time Cassper is having speak about his shoe doing well in sales despite naysayers. He previously had shared that Twitter is a lie and not a true reflection of reality. “Now they trolling something else about the shoe, they gonna keep saying something about the shoe but thousands of people keep buying the shoe”.

The award-winning rapper also added, in his video “Julius Malema tweeted that he’s gonna buy 50 pairs and give it away and the tweet got like eleven thousand likes. So that means there are eleven thousand people who want the shoe. So what are you gonna believe? The one tweep that has people like commenting and trolling or you gonna believe the 11000 people who would love to win the shoe.”  Cassper is certainly a confident man and one would agree and say he has the right to especially if he is laughing all the way to the bank. His hard work is paying off, he is sneaker is doing well and he is even venturing into the alcohol business there must be something he is doing right.

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