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Cassper Flexes About Never Having A Ghost Writer In His Life

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Cassper Flexes About Never Having A Ghost Writer In His Life. When it comes to the rap game having a ghostwriter, is something that is often frowned upon. Having a dope pen game in the rap fraternity is a bragging point that allows artists to gain street credit and respect in the Hip Hop streets. While some see nothing wrong with a little assistance when it comes to writing their verse, being able to write dope verses is certainly a flex amongst rappers. Cassper Nyovest has certainly built a solid reputation for himself as being one of South Ah’s dopest rappers.

Cassper recently took to social media to drop quite the flex about having never had a ghostwriter in his career. Mufasa has been in the game for 10 years and he has managed to consistently been able to be the man behind the pen when it comes to his music. Over the years, Cassper has dropped some serious verses, the rapper is known to deliver smart and witty punchlines in his music. In his tweet, expressed his hopes to keep the momentum going and still be able to deliver those stellar verses, without the assistance of a ghostwriter. “Never had a Ghost writer in my life. I’m 6 albums deep. Still making hits. 10 years in. Consistency! Here’s to another 10!!!” flexed the rapper.

The multi-award-winning rapper also went on to flex about writing his famous diss track, Dust 2 Dust, which was released in 2015. Mufasa revealed he wrote Dust2Dust all by himself after a fan questioned if he did, the rapper also gloated that not everyone at the top can say the same. “I wrote everything alone. Not too many niggas at the top can say that,” responded the rapper. The track was Cassper’s response to AKA’s Composure track. The tracks were dropped during a moment when AKA and Cassper’s beef was hot and AKA allegedly slapped Cassper. This isn’t the first time, Cassper is speaking about his pen game. On the track called, Ng’yekeleni, which features on his album Thuto, Cassper raps about other rappers having ghostwriters. “Your favorite rapper got a ghostwriter I mean di bhari tsena tsa mo co sign,” raps Cass on the track.

While Cassper may have never used a ghostwriter before, rapper Reason is one man who has ghostwritten for artists in the industry. The popular rapper revealed this during an interview with SABC 1, show Real Goboza. Reason made the revelation while he was discussing his beef with Moozlie. Reason revealed on the show that he has written for Moozlie and other artists but didn’t reveal their names, after all, it is a touchy subject.

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