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Cassper Gives An Update On What Happened To Working With Botswana Rapper Veezo View

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Cassper Gives An Update On What Happened To Working With Botswana Rapper Veezo View. South Ah rapper Cassper Nyovest not only has become a household name in the country but also across the rest of the African continent. The award-winning SA Hip Hop artist has built himself a solid reputation as one of the hottest rappers on the continent. It is no secret that many people would love the opportunity to work with Mufasa and the rapper is often quite willing to work with artists from outside SA. Cassper has most recently worked with Ghana’s Sarkodie.

A few years ago, Cassper had expressed interest in working with a rapper in Botswana and nothing has yet come up, which had a fan curious. The award-winning rapper is no stranger to Botswana, having performed in the country several times. One thing about Cassper is that he is accessible to his fan base, especially if you come correct, he will take time out and engage. Cassper recently gave an update on what happened to his collaboration with Botswana rapper, Veezo View, in response to a fan. In his response, Mufasa was honest as to what caused the delay for the collaboration to happen. Luckily for the young rapper, Cassper has not forgotten about him and knows that he still owes Veezo that verse.

Cassper revealed that Veezo sent him several tracks for him to jump on, however, he just wasn’t inspired to jump on any of the tracks. The rapper also shared that he ended up getting sidetrack and everybody knows just how busy of a man, Cassper is. “Ene veezo sent so many songs that time. Didnt get inspired. Them got side tracked and forgot about it. It didn’t happen. My bad on that. Still owe him one,” responded Cassper. Veezo also confirmed that he sent Cassper a bunch of song and also confirmed they just weren’t the one. Veezo also revealed that he and his camp were under pressure to send Cassper something good but he assured his fans and Mufasa that he will be sending something solid, that hopefully will inspire Mufasa. “We were also under pressure to send Cass something! The songs were not the ones! Expect something solid soon,” said Veezo.

Mufasa has got nothing but love for Botswana in 2016, the award-winning rapper expressed interest to bring his iconic, Fill Up concerts to a stadium in the country. “I still can’t get over Botswana this past weekend. I’m definitely doing a stadium next year in the country!!! Thank you for the love!!!” Cassper tweeted at the time. The Covid-19 pandemic and Cassper being a busy man have put these plans on pause but since Cassper is a man of his word, this still could happen.

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