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Cassper Jokes About Twitter User Photoshoping A Follow

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Cassper Jokes About Twitter User Photoshoping A Follow. One thing about social media users is that some of them certainly have the ability to twist the truth. SA celebrities often find themselves at the end of the lies that are spread on social media. Cassper Nyovest is one of South Ah’s biggest acts, it seems that there are very few people who do not know the rapper. The award-winning musician has 3.4 million followers on Twitter. The rapper on the other hand follows only 1352 people, he follows several SA famous faces, football clubs and a few fans.

Getting a follow back from one of SA biggest names is certainly a flex on the social media streets. Recently a Twitter user had asked Cassper when he would be following him back. The tweep then posted a screenshot of, Cassper’s account and that showed the rapper had followed his account back. Cassper then joked and asked the tweep if they are not sure if the image is not a photoshop edit. “Are you sure it’s not photoshop?” asked the rapper. Cassper said this sarcastically to the Twitter user who has become popularly known as the cleaner, do he photoshop abilities.

It certainly wasn’t photoshopped as indeed, Cassper follows the Twitter account that has become well known for its photoshop edits. Photoshop has become popular on social media as users, turn to the application to remove unwanted aspects of their pictures. Many have turned to the popular Twitter account for assistance in doing so. The well-known Photoshop expert has even given President Ramaphosa American rapper Kanye West, well now, Ye’s famous haircut. Ye recently got a very interesting haircut and The Cleaner decided to give his followers a look at how the president would look with the haircut.

Cassper is one man who enjoys interacting with his fans and is known to always engage with them on certain matters. He also showed another fan of his love, after they complained that the rapper ignore her despite her constant support. Only time will tell if Cassper will be adding to his followers but his fans will continue to ask for a follow back and who knows maybe the rapper will do so. The talented rapper is currently the host of season 2 of The Braai Show, taking over from his rival AKA. It was recently revealed that the show is not pulling in the viewer’s numbers, as it is yet to bet AKA’s 2.8 million viewers.

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