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Cassper Opens Up About Spending Lockdown With His Girlfriend Thobeka

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Cassper Opens Up About Spending Lockdown With His Girlfriend Thobeka! Cassper and his longtime girlfriend Thobeka recently welcomed their first child together, Khotso Phoolo.

Th couple has been living in new parents bliss and Cassper recently opened up during an interview on Texx Talks about spending lockdown with his baby mama, their pregnancy journey and what he hopes to change about men with baby mamas.

“I wasn’t living with my partner at the time lockdown happened. She was visiting and the lockdown happened and she stayed with me and that was the most convenient thing that could have happened to us because we got to experience the pregnancy together. It’s our first pregnancy and we got to bond, it’s so funny cause I literally realized I actually like this person. My partner is actually a dope human being that I could spend the rest of my life with… I could actually sped the rest of my life in the same room with this person and I actually dig her,” Caasper shared.

“…experiencing also the pregnancy, seeing the belly grow everyday into an actual fully pregnant woman was like the craziest thing to experience … the heartburn, I was there every step. I was pregnant, I was eating more than her…the symptoms came to me, I think that’s what happens when you actually genuinely connected to the person,” he added.

Cassper revealed that he was also locked down with the rest of his family, his mom, two sisters and Innocent. “There was no turmoil in the house. After a few days, people end up fighting, we created a dope little routine where we were playing board-games every evening, we shared the chores, some would cook, some would clean.”

Cassper said being with his partner during the entire pregnancy made him realize the lack of responsibility that a lot of young men take upon themselves when they make a young woman pregnant.

“They kinda just make them pregnant and they go about their lives, one day the kid is born and a few months later they are fighting about maintenance and stuff. It’s kinda become the religion for young people. I was like I could actually show how cool it is to be a dad and I’ve taken it upon myself to share this journey with people… share a positive story to say us as young people if you happen to make someone pregnant, you have to take responsibility cause it’s not about you anymore. You brought someone into this world, when you were doing it you were enjoying it so you must enjoy the rest of the journey too,” Caasper said.

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