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Cassper Reacts To Claims That Reason Will Be First To Pioneer Mc’ing On Amapiano

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Cassper Reacts To Claims That Reason Will Be First To Pioneer Mc’ing On Amapiano. People always seem to remember the person who was able to do something. Perhaps that is why award-winning South Ah rapper Cassper Nyovest reacted when he saw a post that spoke of fellow rapper Reason being the first to pioneer Mc’ing on Amapiano music. Both rappers are switched to the dance genre and have dropped bangers where they rap on beats of the popular genre. Cassper is recognized as the first rapper to jump on the Amapiano wave.

Mufasa was taken aback by the claim that Reason was the first and let it be known in his response to a post that caught his attention. The post spoke of the recent backlash Reason faced for appearing on the Amapiano Hip Hop cypher. While the original post was a lengthy statement about why Reason should have not received the backlash only one thing seemed to catch Cassper’s attention. “He will be the first to pioneer Mc’eeing in Amapiano,” read a line in the post. Cassper responded to the tweet and wrote, “The first?”

While Cassper doesn’t mind other rappers following in his footsteps, when Reason jumped on to amapiano Cassper did make a few remarks. Cassper remarks came in response to a fan who raised the question of how the reception, from other rappers, would be to Reason joining amapiano, especially after Cassper received so much criticism.“They aren’t gonna say shit. It’s not what you’re doing, it’s who is doing it. The truth is I am the pulse. I am soo connected 2 da culture that I can’t set a foot wrong. They always criticize in the beginning but they ALWAYS FOLLOW. It don’t matter no more doe, it’s adapt or die,[sic]” tweeted Cassper at the time.

Mufasa also remarked that it’s all admiration that Reason was following his route especially considering he had plenty to say about Cassper’s move. “Like dawg … This should show you that it’s all admiration at the end of the day. Haters are actally your biggest fans, they just wish it wasn’t you,” tweeted Cassper. Things between Reason and Cassper are certainly not in a good place and adding fuel to the fire is Reason, not knowing who is Cassper. The rapper evaded questions about Cassper in an interview with Real Goboza on SABC 1. “I don’t know who you talking about, I don’t know such, never heard of her, ” said Reason to the hosts.

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