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Cassper Reacts to DJ Sumbody Alleged 150K Lawsuit Claims

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Cassper Reacts to DJ Sumbody Alleged Lawsuit Claims. Cassper Nyovest has refuted the alleged claims that DJ Sumbody has filed a lawsuit against him. Cass responed to the City Press report that the prominent DJ seeks to transform a settlement agreement he signed with famous rapper Nyovest into a court order requiring the latter to pay R147 000 in unpaid debts.

The rapper responded furiously to the City Press tweet lamenting that every week the news publications do have to write lies about him.

“The lies don’t stop!!! Lmao… wtf man ?? Does my name sell that many papers ? That’s the only that would make sense cause wow. Week in, week out, Cassper what what Cassper what yall write any f** thing as long is my name is there!!! La bora le marete lotlhe entlek!! Almal!!!

This is not the first time that these two prominent figures in SA music have been brought into a legal battle and allegedly unpaid royalties.

The Last time around, these rumours surfaced claiming that DJ Sumbody accused Cassper and his firm, Family Tree Entertainment, of robbing him of royalties for tracks on which they worked together. While the rumors fueled speculation, Cassper posted an Instagram video of himself and DJ Sumbody, mocking speculations of a probable “royalties fight” between them.

Cassper can be heard asking DJ Sumbody why he’s suing him at the start of the clip, toward which Sumbody responded,  “You really think I could sue you?” with a smiley face, he stated that the newspaper was attempting to make money using their names.

The Doc Shebeleza chanter further stated that the newspaper claimed that DJ Sumbody was dissatisfied about “unpaid royalties,” to which DJ Sumbody responded by telling Cassper not to be concerned about the charges, adding that their partnership was strong and would not be wrecked by the rumors.

Dj Sumbody and Cassper Nyovest have worked on some great music together. Their release “Remote Control” is one of the projects that sent a strong signal that SA music is heading towards something magnifique.

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