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Cassper Reacts To Sir Trill Rapping

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Cassper Reacts To Sir Trill Rapping. Cassper Nyovest recently came across vocalist Sir Trill’s video of himself rapping a verse. Sir Trill is a vocalist who is dominating the Amapiano scene. Before making it onto the mainstream Sir Trill dabbled in a few other genres before finding his niche. Sir Trill certainly has found his niche in Amapiano, he was even awarded the Best Amapiano Live Vocal Performance, at the recent inaugural South African Amapiano Awards. Cassper is a known fan of Amapiano, he has even dropped Amapiano music, and of course, had to react to Sir Trill throwback video.

Cassper has previously spoken about the influence Hip Hop has on Amapiano. In his reaction, Cassper asked did I lie, as Sir Trill’s video seemingly proved a point he recently made. “Did I lie? Wait, Cass is always on the money!!!!” reacted the award-winning rapper. Cassper recently expressed that the Amapiano artists who are dominating the scene are actually rappers and trappers who chose not to box themselves and a video of Sir Trill’s come up, rapping and is now one of the biggest acts in the country, solidifies Cassper’s point.

Cassper also went on to expand on his sentiments on the influence of Hip Hop on Amapiano artists. “These are hip hop kids who chose to explore their talents to the fullest. Why is it a crime?” he shared. Cassper also urged SA Hip Hop to stop excluding them from the growth of the music industry. He reminded the SA Hip Hop community that’s not a competition. “Hip hop needs to stop excluding itself from the growth of South African music. It’s not a competition, it’s all the same thing. Embrace the new, learn and feed off one another, or sink,” he added. Some Twitter users agreed with Cassper’s sentiments as at the end of the day, it is South African music.

In his previous tweet, Cassper had called the kids smart for what they are doing as he pointed out the influence Hip Hop has. “A Lotta of the Kids who are killing it in the Piano scene are actually rappers & trappers who chose not to box themselves. You can see it in the fashion sense, you can see it with their names, their writing. Those are SA Hip Hop kids who were smart enough to explore their talents.” Reason is also one person who agrees with Cassper as he also has been encouraging artists to join in the fun and not limit themselves.

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