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Cassper Responds To Illuminati Speculations Over His SuccessSA Hip Hop Mag

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Cassper Responds To Illuminati Speculations Over His Success. Cassper Nyovest, one of the TL’s favorite artists, has opened up on Twitter, telling fans that prayer and a lot of hard work are the keys to his success. Cassper had a bright future ahead of him ever since he started his hip hop journey. The Tito Mboweni hit maker has been making waves on the SA hip-hop scene. His success has been sublime and he is now celebrating the unveiling of his shoe line, as well as the launch of the alcoholic beverage Billiato that is coming in December.

Even though Cass has experienced a successful career, not everyone believes that the Doc Shebeleza chanter possesses his success through humble channels. A damning comment surfaced on Cassper’s twitter post with one of the followers speculating that Cassper is part of the Illuminati brotherhood. “Illuminate is not for free, enjoy money guy while it lasts.”

Nonetheless, Cassper Nyovest did not hesitate to respond denouncing such claims as silly, alluding that he got all his success through prayer and hardwork. Lol, well this is Silly. I pray for my blessings and I work hard. Simple math. Tsa di Noga bafethu, miss me, Cass responded.

Nyovest has had one of the most meteoric ascent in South African hip-hop history. He was little more than a prodigy of HHP, the country’s top rapper at the time, featured on songs like “Wa Mo Tseba Mtho” and “Padapa.” This was the biggest push for the up-and-coming artist. And its clear that he has worked his way up to where he is now.

Sometime last year, Cassper Nyovest had to respond to another tweet that questioned his successful story and his answer was the same. “Mara jo Cassper how do you keep winning consistently bro? I would say that you use muti but judging frm ur song you are a believer. However thanks for being an inspiration to us ghetto people. You are showing us that success is still possible for us and for that I appreciate you.

He told his Fan base that as artists, they should always do what’s best for their careers and never restrict themselves. “As an artist make sure you diversify your fan base, portfolio, and income streams. Look for new spaces all the time and explore them,” tweeted Cassper.

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