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Cassper Reveals He Sold 2 Of His Cars Due To COVID-19 Pandemic!

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Cassper Reveals He Sold 2 Of His Cars Due To COVID-19 Pandemic! Cassper Nyovest has been doing PR runs to promote his new album ‘Any Minute Now’ and he’s been getting personal about everything.

In a recent interview on to Texx Talks, Cassper chatted about beating Covid-19, surviving the lockdown and the financial lessons he came out with. Cassper revealed that he had to sell two cars so that he could avoid being affected by the pandemic in a great way.

“It was scary at first, I wont even lie. I didn’t know what was going to happen. Going from making hundreds of thousands per weekend to zero, it’s like ‘what the hell?’. I was used to a certain type of lifestyle and not worrying about money and the first 21 days were like alright, everybody had money somewhere, two month later everybody is broke and you really making no income. So thanks to just having other income streams besides making music I was able to survive and not lose anything,” Cassper explained.

“I sold two cars just to minimize my expenditure so I had to let go of a business vehicle and a personal vehicle. I kept my favorite car still and I kept my home and I was able to help my family members get through it,” he revealed.

Cassper added that he personally didn’t take much of a knock but couldn’t help but think of his industry peers who do not have multiple streams of income and only rely on money from shows.

“The fact that everything was cancelled was very scary, it just forced me to think and put more effort into growing my income streams and investing more outside of businesses that require me to be active so that was my experience with lockdown,” he concluded.

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