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Cassper Reveals His Chances Of Showing Up For The MacG Podcast And Chill SA Hip Hop Mag

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Cassper Reveals His Chances Of Showing Up For The MacG Podcast And Chill. The MacG Podcast and Chill has become one of the most elated podcasts in Mzansi since it has attracted elite celebrities to spill the beans on different issues. Despite attracting a huge number of following the podcast has had it own fair share of backlash and negative reviews on the internet.

Cassper Reveals His Chances Of Showing Up For The MacG Podcast And Chill

There is no doubt that the MacG podcast is packed with loads of drama and intriguing moments. Mac G’s Podcast and Chill is action-packed with behind-the-scenes turmoil of celeb rivalries, from Jub Jub’s statements about Kelly Khumalo to singer Boohle’s dodgy statements about Cassper Nyovest.

Nonetheless, Cassper Nyovest is one amongst the SA hip hop artists who are yet to have an interview with MacG, and responding if he will ever show up for the MacG Podcast and Chill Cassper Nyovest made it clear that it will never happen.

Are we likely to see you in podcast and Chill with MacG?” A Twitter user asked Cassper Nyovest, in which he responded promptly “Never” “Lemme rephrase that, ANEVA!!!!” tweeted Cassper. Cassper Nyovest has never been a fan of MacG Podcast after the show hosted Slik Talk one of Nyovest’s heavy critics.

The rapper mentioned that people might try to team up against him but he is now up to another level in the game. This came when he was responding to the Slik Talk interview with MacG. “Let me tell you something. When it comes to me, Cassper Nyovest, Don Billiato! Forget Boyz. I’m far too gone. Ya’ll can talk all the s**t you want, create alliances, agree le Jutane, you’ll never win. All my enemies know deep in their hearts they would love to switch lives.” Tweeted Cassper.

Mzansi might be eager to hear Nyovest side of the story about different events that have been happening especially his feud with Slik Talk. But it seems like the rapper does not think the MacG Podcast and Chill is the right platform for him to do so.

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