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Cassper Reveals The People He Looks Up To For Inspiration SA Hip Hop Mag

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Cassper Reveals The People He Looks Up To For Inspiration. Cassper has been an inspiration to many people in Mzansi. The rapper has represented the hip hop game in various ways, from promoting artists to representing South Africa at the international stage, you name it. With all that its clear he has massively contributed to the culture. But at the same time, it must be known that the artist also find inspiration from other people who are surround him.

Cassper Reveals The People He Looks Up To For Inspiration

This time around Cassper shared where he got his inspiration responding to a Twitter user who asked how the rapper get his inspiration. “Just a quick question Cass, do you look for inspiration from others doing better than you or you simply get inspired by yourself ?” @Casspernyovest

“I look up to a lot of people. I’ve always spoken about it. My Dad is one of them, the most humble soul I’ve ever met. Hhp is one of them, the man’s intelligence was authentic and commendable. Kanye of cause , he is an independent mind who isn’t afraid to express himself,” responded Cassper.

Cassper has not only got inspiration from other people but he has learnt the craft of staying relevant in the hip hop game. From having the signature ponytail during the early years of his career to becoming a businessman, the rapper has been constantly changing and becoming innovative for his brand.

Not only that Cass has managed to inspire other people through what he has achieved, the rapper has also been a victim of massive criticism most on the TL. The rapper has been criticized on social media for the pink Root of Fame sneaker. This came after after Cassper uploaded the pink version of the shoe on his pages, which received a lot of attention, a Twitter user decided to respond with a homophobic reaction, stating, “pink shoes. I see a lot of guys coming out of the closet.” 

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