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Cassper Trolls Costa Titch For Performing A Piano Song

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Cassper Trolls Costa Titch For Performing A Piano Song. Cassper Nyovest is seemingly not about to let Costa Titch off the hook, for the comments the young rapper made after Cassper had indicated wanting to drop a Hip Hop banger. In case, you missed it, Cassper was left in stitches after Costa Titch said that “SA Hip Hop is uniting right now. If you jumped ship, stay there and let us fix what you broke- respectfully.” Mufasa did not take the comments lightly and has not forgotten what Costa Titch said, as he took to Twitter to troll the rapper as he shared a clip of him performing at a club in Cape Town a new Amapiano song.

Costa Titch is a Hip Hop artist at heart and he has been heavily promoting SA Hip Hop, especially following the release of his joint EP, with AKA. Cassper was left very shocked to see Costa Titch performing a new piano song and shared his disbelief with his fanbase. “This broer said he is saving SA Hip Hop mos. I find him performing a new Piano song in Cape Town here,” shared Cassper. The rapper certainly got the Twitter streets talking with his caption and video clip, as the public weighed in on this new beef. Costa certainly got him a place on Cassper’s list of people he does not mess with.

Cassper certainly chose violence with his tweets. One fan advised the award-winning rapper to leave Costa Titch alone, as he doesn’t deserve his attention. Don Billiato let the fan know that at times he just wants to be left alone and be silly at times. “Hai guys, lemme also be silly sometimes. I can’t troll?” wrote the rapper. Cassper also went on to remark that when it comes to Amapiano, no one should be hating as it is a South African sound and it should rather be supported. “You can’t fight it!!! You actually shouldn’t have to fight it cause Piano is ours!!!! We are South African!!! All we should be doing, is supporting and pushing it forward!!!” shared Cassper.

Costa Titch has never publicly hated on amapiano or artists switching genres, however, he has stated that people should not hate on SA Hip Hop when they do switch lanes. The Areyeng hitmaker in his recent interview on Slikour On Life, further expanded on his comments which were perceived as shade towards Cassper. “I think it was a blog I think it was Freshman Mag they posted something that Nyovie said. For me it was like it didn’t sit well with me it felt like he was kind of saying, Yo we must beg him to come back to Hip Hop and I was like that’s so disrespectful to everyone that is doing Hip Hop and been pushing Hip Hop,” explained Costa Titch.

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