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Check Out Our December 2021 Digital Artist Sampler

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Check out the Digital Artist Sampler from our December 2021 Issue.

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The Mango Furs

“Mother Nature’s Child”



Led by frontman, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Higdon, The Mango Furs are a psychedelic band for the modern world, swirling the vintage influences of 1960s garage rock, surf music and other trippy sounds into contemporary recordings.


The Roomsounds

“Waiting Out The Storm”

From the Album Good Company


Having drawn comparisons to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Oasis and Big Star, The Roomsounds have made a name for themselves trafficking in timeless, no-frills rock and roll. Their latest album Good Company, seamlessly blends American Roots music with pop sensibilities of the British Invasion.


BC & The Big Rig

“Won’t Sleep Tonight”

From the Album Liars & Saints

Horton Records

Tulsa’s BC & The Big Rig have once again packaged up their unique blend of Okie “Shred Dirt.” Their fifth album, Liars & Saints, is fresh out on Horton Records. The 11-track offering is chock-full of fat grooves, introspective narratives and an abundance of dual-lead guitar roots rock.


Christian Shields

“Off the Track”


Shields Records

Christian Shields (born Christopher Michael McSorley; April 23, 1991) is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer, located in Austin. Christian’s debut album This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll was released on March 13, 2020 worldwide via his own vanity label, Shields Records.



“When This Is All Over”

From the EP Fun


Recently described as “classical grunge”, Dichotomy has been through many stylistic twists and turns over the years. Arriving at the searing EP Fun in late 2021, leading track “When This Is All Over” is a marriage of jangle pop, distortion and feedback. Dig it.


Shylah Ray Sunshine

“So Far”



Shylah Ray Sunshine is an award-nominated and influential singer-songwriter, musician, mother and vocal coach. An Algonquin native of Canada, her music has been shared all over the world. A natural-born entertainer and energetically authentic performer, the neo-soul and R&B singer is based in LA.


Maggie Belle



Splice Records

Maggie Belle emerged on the music scene in 2013 in New Orleans, gaining inspiration from rhythm & blues, soul and pop, creating a unique sound all her own.


The High Plains Drifters

“Santa! Bring My Girlfriend Back!”



The High Plains Drifters have earned acclaim for fusing reimagined new wave pop sounds of the 80s and vivid, storyteller lyricisms that takes the listener down memory lane to lovers of yesteryears. Their latest release, Songs of Love & Loss features lead single “Since You’ve Been Gone.”


See Your Shadow

“Christmas on Cellblock 9”


See Your Shadow Songwriting

See Your Shadow is the music creation entity recently named Best Alternative Group by The International Music Association. The Phoenix-based act has five International iTunes Number 1s and “Christmas on Cellblock 9” was named Best Original Christmas Song by Fair Play Country Music Association.


A Short Walk to Pluto

“Harder to Breathe”



A Short Walk to Pluto is combining the eclectic styling of progressive rock with catchy hooks and rhythms to create a unique modern sound. This Toronto-based foursome prides themselves in producing high-quality music and knows how to blow you away with an energetic and engaging live performance.


The Bloodstreams




Born in a flash flood of writing in London, England pre-pandemic 2019; The Bloodstreams are the architects of a glam-goth alt rock hybrid. Like The Velvet Underground, Roxy Music, The Beatles & the Cramps put through a blender. Three part harmonies are backdropped by jazz-rock organs, growling bass & searing guitars.


Homeless Minds

“Queerness and Horror?”

From the Album The Tragic End Of The Homeless Minds


Homeless Minds is a Swiss garage-rock duo that plays with the border between calmness and engagement. Their loud music and simple yet powerful message transports the audience into a world of authenticity which is conveyed perfectly in their first record The Tragic End of the Homeless Minds.


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