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Confirmed! Areece’s Paradise 2 On Its Final Stages

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Confirmed! Areece’s Paradise 2 On Its Final Stages. Rapper A-Reece has been keeping himself off of the spotlight because the plan is to give fans a ground breaking project.

The 23 year-old announced that he will be releasing Paradise 2 this year when the year began, after a number of teases and speculations surrounding the project, some fans lost hope that it might drop anytime soon. The good news is that it is coming and almost ready to reach fans.

To confirm these great news was A-Reece’s girlfriend Rickell Jones on Instagram. She expressed that she has been getting a lot of questions on the release of Paradise 2 and decided to finally give fans something to hold on to as hope to receive the Selfish rapper’s project sooner.

Okay so since I see this question coming up a lot I am going to clear the air, the album is on the way. As far as I know they are mixing and mastering,” wrote Jones.

She further revealed that Reece was actually going through a grieving process which affected his career but he is soldiering on either way.

“Trust me it’s worth the wait, I am so proud of Lehlohonogolo (Reece’s born name), the past few months haven’t been easy. It’s never losing a loved one. But he is brave and strong, making it possible to give y’all a masterpiece.

“There are gonna be so many exciting things coming along with the album. Just y’all wait and see,” she concluded.

There you have it, Paradise 2 is on it’s way andso promised to exceed fan’s expectations. The good news is that Reece has given new music this year inclusive of the single Residual Image feat Ayanda Jiya and Selfish.

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