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Costa Titch Clarifies His Comments Regarding SA Hip Hop Artists Jumping On To Amapiano

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Costa Titch Clarifies His Comments Regarding SA Hip Hop Artists Jumping On To Amapiano. Costa Titch had the SA Hip Hop streets buzzing when he shared his views about SA Hip Hop artists jumping onto the Amapiano wave. Costa Titch’s comments came shortly after Cassper had hinted that he would be dropping a Hip Hop “banger”. The young rapper’s comments were taken as a response to Cassper wanting to return to SA Hip Hop. Costa Titch on his Instagram Stories had written that “SA Hip Hop is uniting right now. If you jumped ship, stay there and let us fix what you broke – respectfully”.

Costa Titch in his latest interview on Slikour On Life’s Backyard Sessions has clarified what he meant with his comments, that we perceived as him taking a side with AKA in his long-running beef with Cassper Nyovest. Speaking to Slikour, Costa revealed that he was not picking sides and was just speaking on something he had an issue with. “Obviously people are like, you know the fans they’ll always draw the two dots together they’ll be like oh now that Costa’s working with Kiernan of course but no man it was actually just generally what I thought. You know what I mean and with regards to the Hip Hop is dead thing, I don’t enjoy the fact that the word dead is in the same sentence because the more we say that whether we’re defending it or whether we… Bringing life to death you understand… They just making that sentence bigger,” remarked Costa.

“What I have a problem with its like we just keep talking about that same conversation no let’s rather talk about the new releases, let’s celebrate artists that are breaking barriers, let’s have conversations about those things. Rather that than categorizing everyone now into one little bubble and saying it’s dead like,” added Costa. The Nkalakatha hitmaker also explained the intention and meaning of the comments he made on blog, Freshman Magazine which were taken as a jab to Cassper. “Honestly speaking man everyone around me knows that I don’t really just jump on social media and talk. I’m not that guy, I don’t like doing those things so obviously in that moment, I think it was a blog I think it was Freshman Mag they posted something that Nyovie said. For me it was like it didn’t sit well with me it felt like he was kind of saying, Yo we must beg him to come back to Hip Hop and I was like that’s so disrespectful to everyone that is doing Hip Hop and been pushing Hip Hop”

“I don’t have a problem with anyone that like jumps on different genres and experiments. You can jump to Afrobeats to electro, house what what what. Just don’t leave Hip Hop and make it seem like, ahh you guys are suffering without me like relax bro do your thing, you know and we will leave you to do your thing respectfully but don’t go and do your thing but talk down on us that are trying to push this thing forward. So that’s really where it comes from and that’s why I haven’t commented on it ever since because it’s like nowhere did I go and say this guy’s a trash artist or try and bash his name. I just commented on the fact that what he said I felt like wasn’t the one, I didn’t like what I saw, which in turn I shouldn’t have done. I should have just left him because you know obviously the fans they’ll go and they blow it up and make it become something that’s incredibly big,” shared Costa Titch.

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