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Could Kid X Be The Ghostwriter Behind Kwesta’s Next Hit Song?

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Could Kid X Be The Ghostwriter Behind Kwesta’s Next Hit Song? Kid X recently revealed that he has taken up his first ghostwriting project. The rapper revealed that while he has never written for anyone besides himself he was excited about the challenge. Kid X’s announcement also seems to have landed him a client, well that is if he is ghostwriting for monetary gain and not just for fun. Kwesta was certainly left interested in Kid X’s ghostwriting venture as he indicated to his long time friend and collaborator that he has a beat. Kid X is no stranger to the Spirit hitmaker as one point in time they were business partners at their former record label, Rap Lyf.

Kwesta revealing to Kid X that he has a beat that they could work on certainly set the sparks in motion for the two to work together once again. Kid X asked Kwesta if he could borrow the beat and the rapper was certainly willing and indicated that he was on the way. It is unclear what Father Of Zen and Kwesta will cook up on the beat but surely it will be a banger and is something that fans can certainly look forward to. It has been a minute, dropped a chart-topping banger and maybe with Kid X’s assistance he might just do wonders on the charts. Kwesta did release an album earlier this year, called g.o.d guluva which consists of several fan favourites.

Kid X also dropped a new project titled Father Of Zen, which has been praised by fans and critics with much commending Kid X for his lyricism on the album as he tackles those tough societal issues. Ghostwriters are at times frowned upon in the Hip Hop community with a spoken expectation that rappers should always be the ones behind the pen, however, a little help never hurts. One rapper who is open about his ghostwriting hustle is Reason, the Azania hitmaker recently revealed during an interview on Real Goboza that he has written for several artists in the game, but dropped no names. Reason has not even given clarity as to whether he is behind DJ Maphorisa’s hit verse on Izolo, to this day.

However, one thing ghostwriters understand is the number 1 rule of being hidden. A ghostwriter shall forever remain anonymous. Rapper Maggz during his interview on Podcast and Chill With Mac G was tight-lipped on who he has written bars for. Maggz explained that he was not about to mess with anyone street credits.

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