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deadmau5 hints at taking a step back from music “soon”

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deadmau5 hints at “hanging up the mau5head” retirement in Reddit discussion

deadmau5 isn’t a stranger to responding and being connected with his fans, constantly answering questions and making announcements on the r/deadmau5 Reddit thread. During a particular hot take thread discussing how No Mana has become a better music outlet than the actual deadmau5 himself, you’d expect there would be a defensive response from the producer and DJ. Instead, Deadmau5 actually responded in a sincere and polite manner, explaining that the creation of music is ever-changing and that he has taken a back seat when it comes to production. He continues further to hint at a retirement and handing down the musical reigns to someone else, you can read the full comment below.

Well I’ve obviously taken a more backseat on music production…. I’ve been doing it for 20+ years…. which is no small feat for anyone. I’m just following my own path. Music technology. Which isn’t limited to “the creation of music”. I’m getting older, the demographic is ever changing. These are just my musical sunset years, and I’m going to respectfully hand down the reigns and soon hang up the mau5head. I don’t think there needs to be a negative connotation tied to the idea of me starting to slow things down and head into different ventures that fill the void that music no longer does for me.

deadmau5 fans can rest assured that this hanging up of the mau5head, the iconic mask the DJ wears during his sets is a little further in the future, however, the news would follow another recent DJ who has decided to take a break. Mike Williams recently took to socials to announce a hiatus stating he needs time to not feel pressure from the industry.


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