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Dispatch Shares More Conversations Exchanged Between Kim Seon Ho And His Ex-Girlfriend

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Dispatch has released a new report regarding Kim Seon Ho and his ex-girlfriend Choi Young Ah.

The actor was recently involved in a controversy after his ex-girlfriend uploaded an anonymous post stating that her actor ex-boyfriend had manipulated her into getting an abortion under false pretenses, treated her badly once she had gotten the abortion, badmouthed his co-workers, and more. While he was initially not mentioned by his name in the post, Kim Seon Ho admitted that he was the actor mentioned in the post and released an official apology.

Dispatch revealed a first report on October 26 with details regarding their relationship.

On November 1, Dispatch revealed more KakaoTalk messages shared between Kim Seon Ho and Choi Young Ah at the time that she found out she was pregnant.

At an obstetrics and gynecology clinic on July 24, 2020, Choi Young Ah exchanged 284 KakaoTalk messages with Kim Seon Ho from 5:16 p.m. to 8:23 p.m.

Dispatch revealed 22 pages of their conversation that Choi Young Ah took screenshots of and sent to her acquaintances. The conversations were revealed to Dispatch by those acquaintances.

Choi Young Ah: They said I’m pregnant. Six weeks.
Kim Seon Ho: Oh no, what do we do? (tear emoji)
Choi Young Ah: Anyway, this clinic says they don’t do the surgery, but they’ll introduce us to one that does if I say I’ll do it.
Kim Seon Ho: Hmm, let’s think about it.
Choi Young Ah: We have to look into it more. I have no intention to set you back with the baby, and it’s sufficient that we’re just in love. They say it can be difficult for me to have a baby again after an abortion..
Kim Seon Ho: Hmm, I’ll think about it. Don’t worry too much.

According to Dispatch, Kim Seon Ho was recording “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4” at the time and was checking his messages during his break. This was at 5:23 p.m.

Choi Young Ah: Sorry, you’re filming~ You were surprised, right?
Choi Young Ah: I wish this was a lie. I wish [the baby] could have come later..
Kim Seon Ho: No, no.
Choi Young Ah: I miss you.
Kim Seon Ho: I’m sorry I can’t be with you.
Choi Young Ah: No, I’m fully thankful.
Kim Seon Ho: Let’s think about this wisely.
Kim Seon Ho: Don’t worry too much.

The next messages began at 5:27 p.m.

Kim Seon Ho: What are you doing?
Choi Young Ah: (sends selfie)
Choi Young Ah: I’m just spacing out with my car parked.
Kim Seon Ho: Hahaha but we should at least tell our parents.
Choi Young Ah: Yeah hehe I’m being obedient and putting my mask on when I’m alone.
Kim Seon Ho: Haha so lovely.
Choi Young Ah: (heart emoji)
Kim Seon Ho: (heart emoji)
Kim Seon Ho: Honey, I’ll take responsibility no matter what happens.
Kim Seon Ho: Don’t worry about it and go home and rest.
Choi Young Ah: Honey… My heart was beating so fast. But your words touched me. Thank you, really!
Kim Seon Ho: I love you.

Kim Seon Ho texted her again at 7:47 p.m. and tried to lighten the mood with jokes. But he remained serious when speaking about their future.

Kim Seon Ho: But honey
Choi Young Ah: Let’s talk.
Kim Seon Ho: We have to get married.
Kim Seon Ho: Hahaha you have no way out now.
Choi Young Ah: My heart skipped a beat (tear emojis)
Kim Seon Ho: Let’s decide this week
Kim Seon Ho: Tell our parents about it and decide everything by next week.
Choi Young Ah: Okay…! No matter what happens, I’ll discuss everything with you. Thanks. Your must have a lot on your mind right now.
Kim Seon Ho: It’s okay. I love you, and if we’re of the same mind, I’m happy with that.
Kim Seon Ho: But I’m worried that they said you can’t have a baby anymore. If we abort the baby, that’s also a concern.
Choi Young Ah: I think so too.. I wish [the baby] would have come after we had loved and dated for longer.
Choi Young Ah: And when we’re ready.
Kim Seon Ho: I want to receive blessings, and I’m upset this is how it turned out.
Choi Young Ah: No.. let’s think about it..
Kim Seon Ho: Honey, you know, right?
Kim Seon Ho: But it’s okay. Let’s discuss and make a decision and overcome it.
Kim Seon Ho: Because in my entire life, I’ve never loved anyone more than I love you.
Choi Young Ah: Me too.. I really thought I wouldn’t get pregnant (tear emojis).

Choi Young Ah’s acquaintance explained the last conversation, saying, “They both didn’t expect the pregnancy. Young Ah herself had given up on it, saying ‘It’s hard for me to get pregnant.’ That’s why she told Seon Ho, ‘I really thought I wouldn’t get pregnant.’”

Kim Seon Ho: From now on, let’s think about the decision together and overcome it.
Choi Young Ah: Okay, I’ll do that. So reliable, my partner.
Choi Young Ah: No matter what happens… Let’s not waver or hurt or be hurt by each other.
Kim Seon Ho: Love is great, but
Kim Seon Ho: We have to take care of our circumstances and family as well.
Kim Seon Ho: Both your parents and my parents. We’ll do well.
Choi Young Ah: It’ll be settled well. But we were really like kids (tear emoji).

Kim Seon Ho was upset about the sudden pregnancy, excited about the baby, but worried about his girlfriend, all at the same time.

Kim Seon Ho: (omitted) So I’m upset.
Kim Seon Ho: But also excited haha
Kim Seon Ho: You’re not crying out of shock again, are you?
Kim Seon Ho: Hello?
Kim Seon Ho: I’m on standby because of the rain.
Choi Young Ah: Yup yup~
Kim Seon Ho: You’re upset, aren’t you?
Choi Young Ah: It’s something I’m experiencing for the first time too~
Kim Seon Ho: Haha
Choi Young Ah: Above all, my biggest thought was that I didn’t want this to harm you or stand in the way of your future.
Kim Seon Ho: No.

In Choi Young Ah’s online community post from October 2021, she wrote that he had told her he felt like she was “his” and “like his family” when she was six to seven weeks pregnant. But Kim Seon Ho had called her “his person” and “his family” since July 2020.

The following messages are from 7:58 p.m. on July 24.

Kim Seon Ho: You might be feeling troubled
Kim Seon Ho: I feel like you’re my person.
Kim Seon Ho: It felt strange all of a sudden. I must still be young.
Choi Young Ah: Hehe, no. I feel the same.
Choi Young Ah: I’m just scared and worried

He called her his “family” in their conversation that followed at 8:08 p.m.

Choi Young Ah: I’m also supposed to be earning money now.
Choi Young Ah: But I didn’t expect this at all, so my first thought was “What do I do?”
Choi Young Ah: I couldn’t help but be like that. It’s not a bad thing.
Kim Seon Ho: That’s the first thought I got too.
Kim Seon Ho: But on the other hand I was also happy.
Kim Seon Ho: Hehe, are we family?
Kim Seon Ho: But honestly honey, I want to get married.

In her online community post, Choi Young Ah had written, “He said that if he has a child now, he’ll have to pay 900 million won (approximately $764,850) in damages and that he didn’t have 900 million won at the moment. He coerced me into getting an abortion by asking what I’d do if he can’t act anymore because of the child and if that forces even his parents to lose their home.”

The “damages” part was briefly mentioned in their conversation, but Kim Seon Ho soon took his words back.

Kim Seon Ho: I didn’t mention this because I’d seem like a big mouth but
Kim Seon Ho: I contracted a film so
Kim Seon Ho: The financial problem of canceling that comes to mind first haha
Kim Seon Ho: It’s pathetic
Choi Young Ah: No no. You have to do it
Kim Seon Ho: But I think it won’t matter.
Kim Seon Ho: That’s the only thing that bothers me
Kim Seon Ho: My parents will be surprised but they will understand

Kim Seon Ho also shared his sincerity about acting.

Kim Seon Ho: If I have to quit acting,
Kim Seon Ho: That would honestly be so difficult
Choi Young Ah: It would be difficult even if this happened when we were ready
Choi Young Ah: I also think negatively of this
Kim Seon Ho: I am not thinking negatively of this.
Kim Seon Ho: I’m just saying if looking at it objectively
Choi Young Ah: Getting married because I’m pregnant and
Choi Young Ah: Seeing each other because of responsibility, I don’t like that
Kim Seon Ho: No. I love you a lot but
Kim Seon Ho: It would be upsetting because I love acting just as much.
Kim Seon Ho: So I’m saying let’s decide carefully so we won’t have regrets
Kim Seon Ho: I don’t have much time to continue texting right now

In mid-August, Choi Young Ah asked her acquaintances to monitor Kim Seon Ho on “2 Days & 1 Night.”

An acquaintance of Choi Young Ah said, “Seon Ho said he couldn’t watch ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ at the time. Because he felt guilty about smiling and laughing.”

Choi Young Ah had written in her community post that Kim Seon Ho had “suddenly changed after the abortion.”

These are messages from August 10, 2020.

Kim Seon Ho: I really like you so much
Kim Seon Ho: I love you so much
Kim Seon Ho: You’re another goal of my life
Kim Seon Ho: And I think of you as family now
Kim Seon Ho: Sorry I was so sensitive today
Kim Seon Ho: I should be more understanding about the person I love
Choi Young Ah: Thank you for saying that…
Kim Seon Ho: I’m also still young and close-minded.
Kim Seon Ho: Let’s hold hands in the same direction and grow [together]
Kim Seon Ho: I’m sorry, partner

They continued to maintain a sweet relationship. Below are messages they exchanged shortly before Christmas in 2020.

Choi Young Ah: It’s cold, right??
Kim Seon Ho: haha it’s a bit cold
Kim Seon Ho: My partner, you’re enduring a lot
Choi Young Ah: Partner, do you get to rest a bit this weekend? You must be so tired
Choi Young Ah: I came to look at bags after working out
Kim Seon Ho: Show me let me see
Choi Young Ah: (photo)
Choi Young Ah: It’s a lunchbox shape. I was going to show you anyway

In 2021, they began to fall apart. Choi Young Ah said in her original post, “Because of his sensitivity, I had to secretly move while paying a contract cancellation fee, changed my license plate, and had to do everything to suit him.”

Regarding this matter, her acquaintance commented, “Um… it’s not completely false because she did change her license plate and moved. But it was because of Kim Seon Ho? Not at all. She changed her license plate because she said women related to her ex-husband were threatening her. She moved because the home owner asked to increase the monthly rent…”

One day, Kim Seon Ho discovered hundreds of video and audio recordings that she took secretly. Choi Young Ah said, “It’s for fun,” and, “It’s for the lawsuit.”

Choi Young Ah’s acquaintance shared, “Kim Seon Ho always found the truth out late. That she was divorced, that she lied and met other guys, that she was being threatened, that she had video and audio recordings she took secretly… Could this relationship have continued?”

Trouble first brewed on July 7, 2020. These are messages from that day.

Kim Seon Ho: Let’s end this. It’s hurting both you and me. I think we think differently and have different thoughts about the weight of our words.
Choi Young Ah: I’ll do better so you can trust me. I won’t lie ever and will make sure there’s nothing that I’m hiding or not telling you…
Kim Seon Ho: You are a good person. You should see someone better. Let’s break up. I want to stop seeing you
Choi Young Ah: I’m sorry for making you miserable
Kim Seon Ho: Thank you for saying it like this. I understand you. But I don’t want to see you.
Choi Young Ah: Because I wanted you to see me more positively.. While feeling sorry on the inside..I think I rationalized it telling myself I shouldn’t lie like that, I should sort it all out, or I should be honest.
Choi Young Ah: Give me just one chance. I’m not a liar who lies all the time..
Kim Seon Ho: I’m so upset and sad. We recently fought because of a lie and made a promise. You do remember, right?
Kim Seon Ho: You lied about something small recently.. I let it go because it was small but… How many times were you somewhere with other guys, and how many times do I have to understand my girlfriend who lies to go??
Kim Seon Ho: How can I trust and love someone who lies even while feeling sorry and doesn’t follow basic courtesy of a romantic relationship?
Kim Seon Ho: How pathetic I am when I hear from someone else.. I even pretended not to know and was saying it nicely, but you lied again today…
Kim Seon Ho: I told you when we first started dating, right? I understand if you go to the club or are with other guys. It’s fine if you just tell me honestly and tell me when you get home.
Kim Seon Ho: But to me who promised a future with you, you shamelessly.. You broke our promise and lied again with a smile in front of me
Choi Young Ah: I’m so sorry for making you feel pathetic like that… It will never happen again. Backstabbing really isn’t typical for me..
Kim Seon Ho: There’s no future now, Young Ah.

In April 2021, they temporarily separated to take some time away from each other. In May, Kim Seon Ho broke up with Choi Young Ah.

Choi Young Ah took notes about what he said during their phone call and shared the memo with her acquaintances.

“You’re like a time bomb. Because it happened repetitively…. My feelings for you faded. (omit) That he hated me… That his feelings for me faded after that.. Because I repeatedly made the same mistake.. And he said you were always irresponsible whenever something happened… You pretended not to know…”

Choi Young Ah was unable to accept the breakup. According to an acquaintance, she went to the temple, church, got tarot readings, and more. “She said she would wait until the end of early morning worship. She said if he doesn’t return, she wouldn’t let it go…She said she can’t forgive seeing him active. She said she would rather destroy him. But meanwhile she kept on seeing those guys around her.”

When asked about this report on November 1, Kim Seon Ho’s agency SALT Entertainment briefly commented, “We have nothing to say [regarding this matter]. Sorry.”

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