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DJ Jawz Not Impressed With Not Scoring An Invite To Yanga’s Hip Hop Event

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DJ Jawz Not Impressed With Not Scoring An Invite To Yanga’s Hip Hop Event. It has been a few weeks since Yanga Chief held his second famous friend’s party and it is still the talk of the town. Famous Friends is Yanga’s initiative to unite SA Hip Hop, however, it seems to be making headlines for stirring the pot. From the lineup changes to the altercations taking place at the event, Famous Friends has been a real conversation starter. Nota Baloyi’s run-in with rapper Stogie T certainly made the trends on Twitter, taking the spotlight away from the event’s main mission.

DJ Jawz recently raised his issue with the event, which seems to be the guest list. An invite addressed to DJ Jawz, real name Itumeleng Sebola seems to have not been sent out. The South Ah Hip Hop DJ and record producer was not happy about not getting his invitation and made this known. In a tweet, airing out his frustrations, DJ Jawz revealed he wasn’t invited, despite him producing one of the biggest hip hop shows in SA and questioned if this was the case because he also produces Amapiano music.

I produce the biggest hip hop show in SA that puts on a lot of new artists and I wasn’t invited. Is it because I also make piano songs?” asked the DJ. While it is unclear why DJ Jawz didn’t receive an invitation, he did further explain that he felt he should have gotten an invite as Famous Friends started off as an invite-only event and people around him were invited. “It started as an invite only party and of course i felt if one wanted me there i was gonna be invited like the okes around me who were invited,” he explained.

The Hip Hop DJ also questioned why Cassper was not at the event. “How u gonna have a hip hop event and not have the biggest hip hop act in SA? Unless if maybe he turned down the invite,@casspernyovest,” he asked. It is possible that Cassper did receive an event to the event as Yanga Chief did indicate be open to inviting Cassper. Responding to a fan, on his Instagram Q&A revealed he would try to get Mufasa on the line-up. Yanga Chief had shared on an Instagram Live, with Slikour that for the event, he reached out to as many famous friends of his that he could to join in on the fun. Those who could make it were added to the event. “We really like tried to reach out to like everybody bro but like some people aren’t keen, some people aren’t available, they’ll come to the next one. So that’s why it currently keeps changing from party to party, it depends on the availability and other things,” explained Yanga.

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